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From decorating your home to prepping your garden for winter, being a home owner is not easy. Lucky for you, Best of NJ has a large Home & Garden section built to help! These stories are full of tips, tricks, and more to help you make the most of your living space. Whether you love to make things on your own or buy them at the store, check out these stories! Below you’ll find a handful of Home & Garden features we think showcase what our content is all about.

First up, we have a mix of both Home & Garden. That’s right, in this story you’ll find Indoor Garden Tips for Winter Home Decor that we think you’ll love. In particular, there are some really lovely potted plant designs, clay pot swings, and plant hangers. As a bonus, not only do these designs look gorgeous, they enhance your air quality and health too.

Next up is a special preview of our Fall Apple Recipe Guide, perfect for after a trip to the farm. Of course, most folks know how to make apple cider and apple pie, but we have some surprise items here. (How does homemade apple sauce and apple butter sound to you? Because it sounds great to us!)

Last on our list is a sneak peek of tips for unique ways to paint your Easter Eggs. We’re guessing you and your kids will be the talk of the town after you post these Easter pics online. Thanks for checking out Best of NJ, we hope you’ll come back soon.