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Indoor Gardening Tips For Winter Home Decor

Winter is brutal for everyone, but especially the avid gardener who spends hours tending their gardens in the warmer months. With this in mind, we spoke to some of New Jersey’s most garden-friendly artists. They gave us indoor gardening tips with examples from some of their most popular designs. In fact, there’s no reason your home can’t give you the same sense of comfort as your garden.

The artists we’re featuring here create unique, handcrafted designs that bring art quite literally to life. From air plants and succulents to spider plants and ivy, these indoor gardening tips are perfect for winter home decor. In addition to making you happier, these indoor designs will make the air you breathe much healthier!

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Sanctum Handmade

Combining the two traditional crafts of himmeli and macrame, Justine Hudak specializes in geometrical artwork. Hudak is a silversmith by trade; opening Sanctum Handmade in 2017 gave her a way to work her craft while staying home with her young son.

Working out of her home in Wanamassa, she uses the centuries-old Scandanavian craft of himmeli as a starting point. For example, she crafts geometric plant hangers for air plants and hanging vases for houseplants and flower arrangements. This year, her geometric brass tree topper star is part of the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. (Not surprisingly, it became her best seller last Christmas).

Indoor Gardening Tips for Winter Home Decor

It turns out that her love of bringing together plants and metal is an organic fit. Hudak finds that matching plants with her designs is the perfect way to turn a decorative piece into something functional. (And, dare we say, even more beautiful!)

For more information on Sanctum Handmade, visit www.etsy.com/sanctumhandmade.

Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings

For David Muratore, retirement was only the beginning of a new full time gig. Inspiration struck while building his wife, Clariza, three vertical towers similar to an item they saw New Orleans. After figuring out the angles and presenting the towers, neighbors and friends began to admire his designs as well. As a result, that one item further grew into 13 different “swings” and “towers” available at Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings. So far, Muratore has sold over 6,000 pieces.

Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings help plant lovers green up their indoor space, no matter how little space they actually have. Particularly perfect for growing plants, herbs, cactus and succulents, everyone from suburbanites to urbanites are embracing the classic and sturdy woodworking and finishing.

Indoor Gardening Tips for Winter Home Decor

Although days in his woodshop can be long, Muratore says his customers keep him going. He loves attending events such as the Boston Flower Show and Asbury Park Holiday Bazaar. As far as a potential second retirement, he says “as long as he has customers, he will keep making them.”

For more info on Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings, visit the Facebook Page.

The Urban Oasis Shop

Alina Gardea couldn’t escape her longing to garden even in the dead of New Jersey winters. So opening The Urban Oasis Shop just felt right from the start. Succulents and air plants gave Gardea an opportunity to continue gardening, while also flexing her interior decorating skills.

Gardea has an indoor greenhouse set up in her home in South Amboy. Additionally, she travels across the state selling wares at various pop up shops, hosting workshops and also delivering arrangements. Designing to her strengths, Gardea creates a space for indoor gardening without sacrificing your style.

Indoor Gardening Tips for Winter Home Decor

Specifically, customers love her unique (and admittedly her favorite) “Succupets” arrangements. Think of them as the next evolution of those Chia Pet figurines; these succulents can adorn animal planters of all kinds, from llamas to sloths and even dinosaurs. Another favorite is the hanging octopus arrangement. For this, Gardea uses a shell, some wire and an air plant to create a floating octopus in your house.

For more info on The Urban Oasis Shop, visit https://www.facebook.com/theurbanoasisshop/ or contact her via email.

Hero (Top) Feature Image: © Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings
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Sanctum Handmade
Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings
The Urban Oasis Shop

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