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At Best of NJ, we provide original and exclusive content for readers they can’t find anywhere else. We dub these features BONJ Originals, and we think they’re fun for both NJ natives and tourists alike. These features cover everything from local slang (NJ Vocab) to historic landmarks in the area (Jersey Through History). In addition, we always have something new in the pipeline, so be on the lookout for more series every month!

For example, one of our newest BONJ Originals is an ongoing series about the best hiking trails in New Jersey. In our first entry, we take readers on a hike through Mount Tammany. This unique trail offers both a fair workout and one of the best views in the state. When you reach the summit, you’ll get a great look at Mount Minsi as well as Arrow Island. There’s never a bad time to go, but hiking this trail during the fall offers some even more gorgeous views. If you only get the chance to take a single hike during the year, this is the one to do.

When it comes to making history, NJ is pretty good at it. With this in mind, our Jersey Through History BONJ Originals series takes readers on a journey through time. We hope you enjoy learning about the Garden State’s many landmarks and the major roles they play in our past; not just our state’s past, mind you, but the entire country. In fact, as one of the original colonies, NJ will always have a special place in our nation’s past.