Why might someone think about getting a facelift? Your face is one of your best assets. From your eyes to your smile, a healthy face opens many doors in life. But as we age, our faces betray our youthful spirit, leading us to look older than we feel. When this happens, we can often lose confidence in ourselves and our appearance. But there is a way to restore the glow of youth and bring back that old smile through plastic surgery.

With this in mind, Best of NJ curates a list of the Best facelift surgeons in New Jersey. While many surgeons perform all sorts of procedures for patients, some specialize in one area over others. Though we feature many plastic surgeons on Best of NJ, our facelift section features these specialists in particular. Below, you’ll find a couple doctors who lead their field in facial rejuvenation and restoration.

If you want to learn more about getting a facelift, make your first visit to doctor Scott Spiro. Spiro is a big name in New Jersey for helping patients get the look they are dreaming of. From eye lifts to cheek lifts, to total reconstructive repairs, he can handle them all. But don’t just take our word for it, stop by and speak with him today to learn more.

Another great facelift doctor is Andrew Miller. His years in the field make him an expert in giving patients the beauty treatment they are after. Read our full profile to learn more about this top New Jersey doctor.

Of course, be sure to read our full list of facelift surgeons to find the best plastic surgeon near you.