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Valentine's Day

Most people think of Valentine’s Day as being about couples and those who are “in love” with each other. But the truth is, the holiday has the potential to be about so much more than that if we choose. In other words, love takes many forms, whether you are a parent, with a partner, or even a pet owner. Since there are so many ways to feel love, why not use Valentine’s Day as a day to express it? With this in mind, Best of NJ has a number of features all about how to do just that. Below you’ll find a small preview of stories we think you will enjoy reading; from kid friendly event guides to wine and chocolate pairings for that special date with your partner.

First, if you’re only going to read one article from Best of NJ, make it this one; our feature on The Best Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in New Jersey curates our best stories on the topic. Of course, it includes a statewide calendar of events so you can find the perfect way to spend the day. You can even search by region to help you find dinner plans or any other romantic event near you.

We also know that not everyone has a special partner to spend the day with, and that’s okay! For the single folks out there, you can check out our feature about how to have fun on Valentine’s Day. If that’s not enough, we even have a “survival guide” for singles full of silly ideas to make you smile.