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At Best of NJ, we break the state of New Jersey down into four regions that won’t surprise you; the same way most folks do, we look at NJ in terms of North, Central, South, and the Jersey Shore. For each section, we like to put together features that focus on helping you fill your event planners. Between finding a great place to eat, somewhere fun to take the kids, and a unique event to attend; instead, our website is all about finding and sharing the best things to do in New Jersey. Which is why our Jersey Shore section is full of ways to spend your weekend, holiday, and more.

But don’t just take our word for it, visit our website and see for yourself! Below, you’ll find a couple samples of the types of stories you can expect from Best of NJ.

First, as an example of our holiday content, check out our list of the Best Haunted Houses in NJ. Many of the ones in this feature are from the Jersey Shore area. In fact, we think they will come as quite a surprise since this area is known for its beaches.

Next up, don’t forget to check out our story about The Best Places to Play Board Games in NJ. Before you guess “at home” as the number one option, read our story and find other places people are playing. Of course, for people living in the Jersey Shore area, there are quite a few spots you can choose from.