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Education is one of the most important topics in daily life. Now more than ever, parents and students alike have to think long and hard about school. And we’re not just talking about college, a child’s education now begins by choosing the right Pre-K care. So what is a parent to do when the cost of living keeps going on and education is more expensive? Where do we draw the line between child care, education, and after school care? The truth is, there is no easy answer. However, Best of NJ covers many stories that feature expert advice on the topic.

For example, we work with Steve Adubato to feature many of his best interviews with NJ experts. These topics include programs such as LifeCamp, which prepares youth with special needs for adult life through skill lessons. Another example is this round-table talk about the importance of STEM and Global Learning for young students. Finally, there is this feature about how Emma’s Torch offers culinary job training for refugees.

In addition to these stories, we also cover college education topics through our College 101 series. In fact, this is where we discuss everything from early admission all the way through preparing for graduation. College 101 is the place to start for new students about to begin the next step in their school journey. Don’t forget to visit Best of NJ for this and many other local topics. We also cover food, travel, and plenty of other stories any NJ local or tourist will want to know about.