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How COVID-19 Changes Classroom Education in New Jersey

Every single person on the planet feels the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as time passes, we slowly move toward something that resembles normal life. however, it may be a while until we are truly back to our daily lives. Case in point, the state of our school systems. In fact, though we expect to one day leave COVID-19 in the past, education may change forever.

During this episode of State of Affairs with Steve Adubato, Marie Blistan joins the program; Blistan is the president of the New Jersey Education Association. She and show host Steve Adubato, PhD., discuss the commitment and dedication of teachers across New Jersey. These educators continue teaching students through virtual learning even amid this pandemic.

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Evolving Education

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy made the decision to close schools in March 2020. That decision now extends through the remainder of the school year due to the threat of spreading COVID-19. Since their closure, schools have transitioned to virtual learning, while parents take a more active role in their child’s education.

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But the sudden disruption came as a shock to both teachers and students alike. Both had to learn on the fly how to use digital tools to continue the school year. Blistan says there was no way for teachers, students, and parents to prepare for such a disruption. Despite this, New Jersey’s academic staff was swift and efficient in their preparation for these major changes to education.

“We are very well prepared to work with our students,” says Blistan. ”And that commitment, that dedication, that expertise is coming through every day with our educators across the board.”

Blistan goes on to say that there are some elements of education, like personable interaction, that virtual learning cannot replace. However, all those in the academic field are continuing to provide students – and parents – with the best education possible.

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One on One with Steve Adubato

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