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We love all of the stories we publish here at Best of NJ, and we don’t like to play favorites. But if we had to choose our favorite topic, we would have to say the Travel section takes the prize. There are just so many great places in New Jersey full of food, music, and fun. Which is why we’re so lucky that we get to travel across this gorgeous state and find them for you. In fact, we’re always on the lookout for new places to eat and things to do going on near you. Though it feels so tough to select just a few preview stories, here are some we think you will love.

We love hiking (and according to our user’s reading habits, so do you)! But while other places list the best hiking trails in the state, Best of NJ hits the trail for you. Our series about The Best NJ Hiking Trails details trails for both newbies and experts alike. Plus, with photos of the trail and the best kept secrets along the way, it’s a thorough guide. If you’re planning on taking a hike in New Jersey, stop by Best of NJ first. From breakdowns on the Tripod Rock trail all the way to Mount Tammany, we know the best spots to visit.

Of course, our Travel section offers so much more to see and do, we can’t show it all here. We hope you’ll stick around and browse our full archive for a full list of stories and topics.