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Caldwell University Prepares Students for Careers in E-Sports

As technology evolves, so does the way we play sports. For instance, pro baseball and football officials now review plays for accuracy with instant feedback. But the most significant blend of sports and technology comes in the form of E-Sports; otherwise known as competitive gaming. With major cash prizes and more, the e-sports scene is growing fast.

To learn more, Steve Adubato – host of One-on-One with Steve Adubato – spoke with sports management educator Neil Malvone. Malvone is also an Assistant Professor at Caldwell University, preparing students for careers in the booming e-sports gaming industry.

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Caldwell University is Getting Ahead of the E-Sports Craze

It might sound crazy, but e-sports is an extremely lucrative industry. Moreover, many competitors in e-sports enjoy their work and daily duties. With this in mind, many higher education campuses are helping students prepare for a career in this emerging field. In fact, Caldwell University is among those at the forefront of this trend.

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Malvone explains that many young students across the country leaning toward e-sports rather than traditional sports. However, there are also a number of children and teens that have found a balance in order to play both.

“There’re those crossover games like Madden and Fifa, where the athletes that play football and soccer will play the games as well,” says Malvone. “But now we’re seeing a higher level of kids that are just playing games and not playing sports.”

In order to meet the needs of students, Caldwell University now offers the first e-sports management program in New Jersey. (There are only two other similar programs in the rest of the United States so far.) The university even offers an e-sports business management degree program.

“[Caldwell University] wanted to focus on the business side of [e-sports],” Malvone tells Adubato. “The studies are telling us that e-sports will be a billion-dollar industry by the end of this year; and so there’s opportunities and careers and study. Similar to business or sport management, we felt that there was a path for e-sport management as well.”

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