Regions: North, Central, South, Shore

New Jersey Regions Small ©bestofnj-staging.wanhynf8-liquidwebsites.comOur Map of New Jersey reflects our desire to keep things simple but at the same time to denote the cultural, geographic and spiritual divisions that exists in our state. We’ve spent a lot of time at the Jersey Shore since we drew that original map almost a decade ago. We now know that the Shore is a completely different universe than South Jersey and I know that it deserves its own region. South Jersey is a farming and commuting region and the shore is a vacation, retirement and fishing region.

Our map features 4 major regions: North New Jersey, Central New Jersey, South New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Monmouth County moves from Central New Jersey to the Jersey Shore grouping and Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean County move from South New Jersey to the Jersey Shore grouping.

Major Regions

ad-map-2North New Jersey
Central New Jersey
South New Jersey
Jersey Shore

Counties of the Northern New Jersey Region (North Jersey):

Bergen County
Essex County
Hudson County
Morris County
Passaic County
Sussex County
Warren County

Counties of the Central New Jersey Region (Central Jersey)

Hunterdon County
Mercer County
Middlesex County
Somerset County
Union County

Counties of the Southern New Jersey Region (South Jersey)

Burlington County
Camden County
Cumberland County
Gloucester County
Salem County

Counties of the Jersey Shore Region

Atlantic County
Cape May County
Monmouth County
Ocean County

Here’s the original philosophy behind our 3 regions and the original much copied map that we made:
When I founded, I wanted to keep things really simple. I created a N.J. map that divided the state into 3 regions: North, Central and South.

At the risk of offending some of you, we have come up with our own simplified Regions of New Jersey and drawn a map to explain them. This is how we will refer to, categorize and tag our events and our features on We think this will make things much simpler for visitors to the state that have no idea where the Skylands or the Gateway is.

It has always been difficult to understand the regions that New Jersey is divided into. The most common regional divisions have been established by the New Jersey Department of Tourism and for the life of me, I am still trying to understand why my home region is called the Skylands Region. Other areas of confusion arise when you try to define which counties comprise Central New Jersey, or where Central Jersey ends and where North Jersey begins.