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Brew Jersey: Cape May Brewing Company

It’s arguably considered the must-visit destination for regional hop heads and craft beer aficionados looking for a unique experience. But it takes some planning to get there: Cape May Brewing Company is located approximately a two-and-half-hour drive from Jersey City,…

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Asbury Park Beach

Summer at the Shore: Asbury Park

A diverse, funky-yet-family-friendly vibe distinguishes Asbury Park from other Shore towns. The iconic Asbury Park Boardwalk has choice people-watching, great shops and restaurants, and fun kids activities like a Splash Pad and mini-golf course. Beyond the beach, the downtown shopping…

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Avon by the Sea

Summer at the Shore: Avon by the Sea

Boasting a number of nationally-recognized restaurants and tons of cools shops and events, Avon by the Sea has become a New Jersey hotspot. Whether you are looking for a nice, relaxing day on the beach, a stroll along the boardwalk,…

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Point Pleasant

Summer at the Shore: Barrier Islands

The Barrier Islands draw thousands of visitors to the New Jersey Shore each summer. From sandy white beaches to fun-filled water parks, this collection of delicate isles is a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life. The islands…

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Shark River

Summer at the Shore: Belmar & Sea Girt

Set along a stretch of beach that has everything someone could want – no matter their style – these Jersey Shore beach towns are a perfect excuse to get away for a day or weekend. For those looking for live…

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Bradley Beach

Summer at the Shore: Bradley Beach

Home to a thriving Main Street that’s full of delectable restaurants and one of a kind shops, and a pristine beachfront that’s family friendly, it’s no wonder that Bradley Beach has continued to be the home of summer and full-time…

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Cape May

Summer at the Shore: Cape May

When it comes to summer at the Jersey Shore, Cape May is in a class of its own. The town offers pristine beaches, fabulous restaurants and a number of other shore amenities. Beyond that, it’s also brimming with rich history…

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Shore Towns That Are Even Better in the Spring

Does the air feel different to you lately? You might have noticed that missing chill, the way it doesn’t sting your face when you step outside your house? That’s right, spring has officially made its way to our little corner…

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