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If you’re looking for the best North Jersey burgers, you have to visit the Best of NJ website. I mean, come on, it’s right there in the name! In any case, our burger directory is home to the best local burger joints in the state. Meanwhile, we have an entire section just for showing off the best spots in North Jersey to order a burger. Whether you live in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, or Warren County, you’ll find something on this list. Why settle for just any old burger when you can visit Best of NJ to find the best burgers! Below, you’ll find a sample of our full list that we think you’ll enjoy.

First on the list is Rails Steakhouse, and we know what you are thinking. Why would a steakhouse be on a list of the best North Jersey Burgers? Well, the answer is pretty simple: they are great at making both! If you’ve never been to Rails Steakhouse, than we simply have to suggest you go twice; once for the steaks, of course, but make sure to also plan a second visit to try the burgers. We are more than sure you will be glad you did, but you don’t have to thank us.

If you thought putting a steakhouse on this list of the best North Jersey Burgers was strange, just wait; Our second preview highlights Blue Morel, a seafood spot that also makes an out of this world burger. We promise, we’re not crazy! One taste of this burger and you will be thinking the same thing.