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Best of NJ’s Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

Spring is a time for blooming flowers, warm weather and, er, egg-shaped candy? Of course, we’re referring to Easter, a holiday that is celebrated by families all throughout the world. While most children look forward to waking up to find baskets full of candy before an afternoon of scavenger hunts in search of… more candy (and sometimes eggs filled with money!), there are plenty of other things on a parent’s mind during the holiday.

That’s why Best of NJ has put together our Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey. Below, you’ll find a curated selection of our best holiday-themed content. From event listings of restaurants open for brunch or dinner and family-friendly events the kids can enjoy, to delicious lamb recipes and ideas for creating candy-free baskets (children, shield your eyes!), these features cover an assortment of topics that will prepare you for the holiday.

The Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

The Best NJ Restaurants Open on Easter

Easter is just around the corner, and while many families typically host Easter dinner at home, there are a large number of folks who enjoy going out to eat during the holiday. With that in mind, we’ve put together our annual list of The Best NJ Restaurants Open on Easter. These event listings include a varied selection of restaurants and eateries that are offering both brunch and dinner…

Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

The Best Easter Events for NJ Families

The arrival of spring means warmer temps, blooming flowers and of course, Easter events to enjoy with the whole family. Whether you want to sit down to a delicious breakfast, hunt for eggs with your little ones or snap a special photo with the Easter Bunny, there’s plenty of holiday fun to be had all around New Jersey. Check out these festive, family-friendly Easter events taking place around the state this month…

Ultimate guide to Easter in New Jersey

The Best Easter Egg Hunts in New Jersey

It’s that time of year again and the hunt is on! The egg hunt, that is. You never know what you’re going to get in one of those colorful baubles of plastic. Easter egg hunts are one of Spring’s biggest delights. Whether the treasure is candy, toys or stickers (or maybe even money), the joy is in the hunt. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best egg hunts in New Jersey. Happy hunting, New Jersey…

Ultimate guide to Easter in New Jersey

The Best Easter Brunches in New Jersey

After waking up to baskets from a large gift-giving bunny and going to church, brunch fits in perfectly. The holiday’s close association with eggs, which is usually the star ingredient of any brunch, makes it all the more appropriate. In New Jersey, you can find plenty of opportunities to celebrate with a Bloody Mary and delicious meal. Discover some of the best Easter brunches in New Jersey at these nine great locations…

Ultimate guide to Easter in New Jersey

The Best Ideas for Leftover Easter Eggs

From colorful gift baskets and decorating parties to egg hunts around the house and across the lawn, ‘tis the season for having a lot of eggs around. Once the parties have come and gone, there’s bound to be plenty of leftovers and one major question: What can be done with all those eggs? After all, there’s only so much egg salad any human can consume. Read on for easy ideas to get rid of those raw or hard-boiled eggs…

Guide to Easter in New Jersey

The Best Easter Train Rides in New Jersey

Polar Express trains are so yesterday’s news. It’s now time to book your tickets and hop aboard an Easter Bunny train ride. Kids of all ages will love taking a ride along with the guest of honor—the Easter Bunny, of course. Many rides include an egg hunt, photo opportunities and some candy treats, too. Get your tickets early as these train rides often sell out fast. Hop to it as the holiday will be here before you know it…

Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

9 Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

As my kids get older, I realize they now expect candy at every single holiday that comes along. Halloween candy was quickly followed by chocolate snowmen and peppermint candy canes. February brought Valentine’s Day and heart-shaped sugary treats. Now, Easter is rapidly approaching… so here we go again! This year, I’m vowing to draw the line and just say no to candy…

Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

Must-Try Lamb Recipes for Easter

There are baskets overflowing with candy! Chocolate bunny figurines! Frantic hunts for brightly colored eggs! With all that going on, it’s easy to forget that lamb actually is the most widely recognized symbol of Easter. The association of lamb with Judeo-Christian religion dates back nearly 4,000 years. With so much history, it’s high time to try out some new recipes for Easter dinner…

Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

Pysanky Takes Easter Egg Dying to the Next Level

When it comes to Easter in New Jersey, the Ukrainian culture does it right. While cooks are hard at work in Garden State kitchens making homemade breads, stuffed cabbage, and pierogies, artisans began working months ago on traditional crafts like embroidery, beadwork, and pysanky. Mark Wojcik, a dedicated hobbyist from Howell, has been designing eggs using pysanky since the age of 5…

Ultimate Guide to Easter in New Jersey

How to Get a Good Pic of your Kid and the Easter Bunny

Getting a picture with the Easter Bunny is a rite of passage for parents and for kids. It’s a bizarre tradition, but it’s just one of those things that you do, much like getting a picture with Santa. Except, he’s not human. He’s also kind of terrifying. Putting a small child into that powder keg of a situation could be a recipe for disaster. Here are 7 ways to prepare your kids to meet the Easter Bunny…