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The Best Winter Health & Safety Tips

Winter is the most bittersweet of seasons. Sure, it’s full of wonderful holidays that bring people together — from the holiday season of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah to celebrations such as New Year’s and Valentine’s Day — but it’s also full of terribly cold weather and equally terrible head colds. To help you make it through the winter season as unscathed as possible, we’ve rounded up our best winter health & safety guides.
From tips on how to survive cold & flu season to a millennial’s guide to health insurance, these features are filled with thoughtful insight that will hopefully make your winter less of a chore. For those interested in learning about how best to prepare for the snow, we’ve filled our NJ Preparedness story with plenty of crisis management and snowstorm prep information. There’s even something for the kids; don’t forget to check out our cold weather survival guide, which offers a list of great indoor places families can go to escape the weather.

Winter Health & Safety Features

Sick child boy lying in bed with a fever, restingParents’ Guide to Surviving Cold & Flu Season
Winter with kids is amazing when you’re all snuggled up together and drinking hot chocolate, or when you’re building a snowman, Elsa-style, during the season’s first snowstorm. Winter is miserable, however, when your kids get sick, and then every member of your family proceeds to get sick as well…
Truck with snowplow clearing road during snowstormNJ Preparedness: The Best Winter Weather Tips
Now that the colder temperatures have arrived, snow and ice are right around the corner. While the kids may be psyched to have a day off from school, for the adults in the home, winter weather means a messy commute to work, the stress of preparing for storms and the dreaded act of snow shoveling…
Two young people with smart phonesMillennial’s Guide to Health Insurance
When it comes to being a millennial, parents just don’t understand. Here we are, living in the moment, while the adults in our lives constantly remind us to look ahead to the future. It seems like not a day goes by we aren’t coaxed into a conversation about money management, career advancement and, of course, health insurance…
A child looks out the window.Cold Weather Survival Guide: The Best Indoor Places for Kids
Winter in New Jersey can be beautiful — until it’s the third freezing-cold day in a row, and you and your kids are going stir crazy. If this sounds like what winter has in store for you and your brood, don’t panic: New Jersey has plenty of indoor places to for the whole family to go…

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