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The Best Juice Bars in NJ

The latest update for The Best Juice Bars in NJ is written by Lindsay Podolak.

If you’re ready for a new and improved you, then you’re ready for some juice. Not the kind that comes in a sippy cup or box, but the kind that revitalizes, reenergizes and refuels your body. Put simply: Juicing extracts the juice from fruits and veggies. The result is a liquid that contains most of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are contained in the whole fruit.

According to the Mayo Clinic, juicing can help your body absorb nutrients more easily. It also allows your digestive system the opportunity to rest instead of breaking down fiber found in whole fruits and vegetables. Additionally, juicing helps remove toxins from your body, boost your immune system and aid in weight loss.

If you’re new to juicing, or are just ready to reawaken your inner green goddess, these are the bars pressing the good stuff. To find one in your area, skip directly to the North Jersey, Central Jersey, Jersey Shore or South Jersey sections.

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North Jersey

Simply Juiced

best juice bars

Where: 262A First Street, Hoboken
Details: Organic and locally farmed produce is put to good use in the juices and raw food menu at Hoboken’s Simply Juiced. Founded by a group of lifelong vegans and fitness pros, the options at Simply Juiced are eye-opening. Think drinks like the charcoal lemonade made with activated charcoal and citrus and detox juices full of ginger, lemon, turmeric and cayenne.
Why I like it: They deliver!
More info: www.simplyjuiced.org or call 201-420-8888.


best juice bars

Where: 586 Avenue C, Bayonne
Details: The crew at Squeeze’d scours the farmers market for the ingredients they put into their juices. Vegan-friendly, they pride themselves on serving the plant-based community healthy and delicious juices, smoothies and more. Squeeze’d is based in Bayonne, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come to you. Their detox packages are available for pickup and delivery within Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City & Weehawken.
Why I like it: Squeeze’D offers yoga, too. Check their website for class schedules and pricing.
More info: www.squeezednj.com or call 201-455-3723.

Central Jersey

Arlee’s Raw Blends

best juice bars

Where: 246 Nassau Street, Princeton
Details: A new mom’s 21-day cleanse was the inspiration for Arlee’s Raw Blends. The newfound energy, youthful complexion and mental clarity Arlee experienced after three weeks of juicing was enough for her to want to share her experience with others. She created a juice bar that focuses on cold-pressing 100% organic produce for optimal health and taste. The cold press process enables the extracted living enzymes to remain intact in the juice for up to 72 hours.
Why I like it: Arlee’s isn’t just juices, it also has a full menu of healthy selections like salads and raw vegan pizzas.
More info: www.arleesrawblends.com.com or call 609-580-1899.

Fresh Press Juice Co.

best juice bars

Where: 105 South Avenue East, Cranford
Details: Two sisters opened Fresh Press Juice Co. in 2013 after years of juicing at home together. Determined to share their love of healthful living with their friends and family, Fresh Press Juice is how they do it. Now, they’ve got a menu full of unique small bites and acai bowls as well as detox systems and cold-pressed juices. Fan favorites include the Carrot Cooler, made with raw young Thai coconut water, carrot and lime, and the Orange You Hot, full of orange, carrot, sweet potato and cayenne.
Why I like it: Every ingredient is 100% vegan and organic, so you can feel confident you’re imbibing the best, freshest juice out there.
More info: Visit the website or call 201-455-3723.

Jersey Shore

Ocean Organics Cafe

best juice bars

Where: 570 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River
Details: Since 2013, Ocean Organics has been serving up creative, cold-pressed juice concoctions. Need a boost? Try Island Beet State Park, a mix of beets, carrots, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber and apple to aid in cleansing your liver and kidneys. Interested customers can purchase individual juices from the menu or choose one of Ocean Organics’ cleanse options. You can choose anywhere from a one day cleanse to a full week, depending on your goals.
Why I like it: An additional two locations in Jackson and Seaside Park mean it’s always convenient to stop and grab a juice or an organic, vegan meal when you’re on the go.
More info: www.oceanorganicscafe.com or call 732-597-0800.

Ohana Juice Bar

best juice bars

Where: 10 Central Avenue, Hammonton
Details: Juices, smoothies and bowls are all on the menu at Ohana Juice Bar. Try options such as the Golden Glow combines orange, carrot, pineapple and lemon to get your skin glowing from the inside out. Or how about a Dark Detox? Sip on a refreshing lemonade with a kick of ginger, maple syrup and activated charcoal. The goal here is to put a smile on your face by providing the best juice, snacks and treats around.
Why I like it: Follow Ohana’s Facebook page so you don’t miss out on special events, such as paint nights where a teacher guides you through creating your own masterpiece.
More info: www.ohanajuicebar.com or call  609-481-2353.

South Jersey

The Juice Bar

bestj uice bars

Where: 20 South Centre Street, Merchantville
Details: This cheery gem is nestled in the heart of downtown Merchantville, where it has been serving up fresh, fruity concoctions since its grand opening on New Year’s Eve 2016. Owner Seth Amoah grew up in a household where blended juices were a part of daily life. Now, Amoah aims to share the knowledge of how fresh produce can contribute to a healthy lifestyle with his customers. Order a pressed bottled juice to go or choose one of the colorful smoothies, like the Beet It, a bright red drink that improves circulation, boosts stamina and lowers blood pressure.
Why I like it: This is one juicery where prices aren’t through the roof. Amoah wants his drinks to be a healthier, cost-effective alternative to a kid picking up a candy bar on the way home from school.
More info: thejuicebar.business.site or call 856-324-0436.

Animo Juice & Burrito Bar

best juice bars
Where: 201 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield
Details: A desire to move away from processed fast food is what prompted Maria and Anthony to open Animo. On the menu are breakfast burritos, blended bowls, soups, salads and frozen whipped bananas. They also have a complete juice bar. Down a wellness shot or choose a full-serving juice such as the Spa Treatment, a mix of lemon, lime, cucumber and apple. There’s also fan favorite Cin City, which blends protein powder, ice, milk, spinach, cinnamon, banana and raw honey.
Why I like it: Delivery is offered to local customers in Haddonfield. There’s also a second Animo shop in downtown Philadelphia.
More info: www.animojuice.com or call 856-427-9070.

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