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Winter Styling Tips

By Anthony Vincent

Seasons come; seasons go, and so do styles. In the winter, we’re wearing more clothing, covering up our skin to protect it from the harsh environment so a well moisturized and made up face is even more important.

Hair this season pumps up the volume. Whether it’s long and layered or sassy & short, give it a little tease for more volume. Add some spray and pomade, and you’ve got the look. Extensions also can help you get that mermaid look that any red blooded man just can’t resist.

Bold and smoky eyes are all the rave this season. Lots of lashes make your eyes pop and emphasize your best asset. Don’t forget to enhance your brows with an eye pencil. Add a natural rosy color to your cheeks and lips to finish off your flawless face. Keep it natural. You don’t want to look cheap.

Even though we’re wearing boots and gloves, don’t forget to keep up with your depilatory routine and mani-pedis. Using a complementary color on the ring finger nail adds a little pizzazz and an element of surprise. A little sparkle can go a long way.

Clothing is long and lean, and layers are a must. Tapered trousers, long, flowing sweaters, scarves & vests will hold their own and keep you warm and cozy. Leggings and fur lined jackets, boots above the knee or thigh high with a little pop of color from your wacky wool knee highs will give your image a little kick.

If you think you get the gist of it all but feel you still need help, a personal stylist is not just for movie stars anymore. Every Jersey Girl has the right to get expert help so that she is always at her best.

Style is all about what makes you look good, feel good and shimmer.

For more on style and updating your look, visit my Salon in East Windsor for a more beautiful you. You’ll be glad you did.