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The Best Babyproofing Services in New Jersey

Babies are naturally curious and they love to explore. They open kitchen cabinets, climb on furniture and open toilets. They put their fingers in electrical sockets. That’s just their nature. That curiosity can unfortunately lead to serious injury in a matter of seconds. Each year in the United States, more than 2,200 children—six kids a day—die at home from unintentional injuries.
More than 3.5 million more children visit the emergency room for the kinds of injuries that commonly happen in homes, says Safe Kids Worldwide.
That’s why it’s important to monitor your tyke’s every move at this stage. September marks Baby Safety Month, sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. In the spirit of the event, consider hiring a professional childproofing company. They’ll come to your home, see what needs to be done and install everything for you. Bringing in a professional will give you the peace of mind that you’ve done your best to make your home safe for your children.
Here are some companies that you can turn to help prevent injuries in your home.

A+ Childproofing

When Sebastien Amy became a dad for the first time in 2008, he knew he’d need some childproofing products like gates. He was frustrated with the quality of the products he found and how difficult it was to safely install them. Realizing he wasn’t alone, he founded his company in 2009. A+ Childproofing will install safety gates, cabinet and drawer latches, window guards, tip-over restraints and other safety devices. A representative will come to your home and prepare a room-by-room safety assessment. They’ll make suggestions for creating a safe environment, provide you with an estimate and set up an installation date. Short on time? You can arrange for an estimate and installation on the same day.
More info: www.apluschildproofing.com or call 646-450-1557

Baby Bodyguards

babyproofing, babyproofing servicesInspiration for this company came when the owners’ first child was born and the overprotective mom gene kicked in. Baby Bodyguards believes in preserving adult spaces and protecting areas so kids can explore and learn about their environment safely. They aim to be non-invasive, blending their solutions with your existing home décor. Typically you won’t even be able to tell that babyproofing was done. They offer a one-level home package and a two-story home package, both which cover the basics you’ll need. If the packages aren’t right for you, use their a la carte service to select the most appropriate items for your home.
More info: www.babybodyguards.com or call 718-332-0511

The Baby Proofers

Owner Bobbi Alpert was motivated to start this company after a near-tragic event involving a young relative. The South Jersey business was launched after a thorough investigation of childproofing products and services. Baby Proofers sends a consultant to walk through your home and discuss any potentially dangerous areas. They’ll follow up with a detailed quote within 48 hours that includes cost of all materials, along with time frame for completion. All installed products are warranted for ninety days.
More info: www.thebabyproofers.com or call 856-874-1900

Baby Proofers Plus

babyproofing, babyproofing services
This company, founded by Howard and Rene Appelbaum, has been around since 1993. The cost and time required for their service depends on the size of your home and the extent of babyproofing you want done. After a visit with a consultant, you’ll get a home safety assessment with product recommendations and labor costs. You can do everything that’s suggested or pick and choose items to work within your budget. Installation can even be broken up into parts to complement your child’s phases of growth and development.
More info: www.babyproofersplus.com or call 917-370-3195

Baby Safe Homes

In addition to basic childproofing, this company offers a unique service. They know it can be difficult for grandparents to create a safe environment for visits from their grandchildren. With their grandchild-proofing service, they install easily removable safety items to make the home safe, without making it look like the grandchildren live there. For example, they install removable custom safety gates for the top and bottom of stairs, hallways and play areas. They can also add in durable, easy-to-use cabinet and drawer locks, along with bathroom safety items like shower and toilet locks.
More info: www.babysafehomes.com or call 888-481-7233

Royal Baby Safety

babyproofing, babyproofing servicesYou’ve likely seen shelves and shelves of childproofing products in stores. But the choices are overwhelming and not always the best fit for your home. Royal Baby Safety visits your home and shows you products unavailable in stores that are just right for your needs. They’ll walk through your home room by room, pointing out hazards you may be unaware of and suggesting possible products to fix them. You either choose to do the work exactly as recommended or pick and choose what you’d like done. You can even purchase the items from them and install them yourself.
More info: www.babysafe.com or call 908-598-0500