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Best of NJ’s Ultimate Guide to Super Bowl Sunday

It’s the most official unofficial holiday in America. One of the most-watched broadcasts in America every year. Of course, we’re talking about Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl has been held every year since 1967 (a game which saw the Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10).

Though the teams involved may change each year, one thing remains the same; Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest parties of the year.

To help make your Super Bowl parties the best they can be, we’re rounding up all of our featured game day stories. From tips on how to survive a party when you’re bringing young ones, to annual cheat sheets that help you brush up on your AFC/NFC facts, we’ve got everything you need to be the MVP (most valuable party-goer). Be sure to check back often as it gets closer to the big game for new and updated content.

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Featured Super Bowl Stories

10 Local Must-Try Beers for Your Super Bowl Party

Don’t be that person who brings a sixer of the same-old macrobrew to the Super Bowl party. Go local with some NJ-brewed beer that will impress your friends and satisfy your tastebuds. Better yet, these 10 session beers are below 5 percent alcohol, so you can indulge in the finest Garden State suds during the evening. Trust us, the entire party will thank you..

Super Bowl 411: Your Cheat Sheet to the Big Game

Composite image of american football player holding up footballYou’ve seen the Facebook updates every Sunday. You’ve listened in as your friends argued about the merits of each player, silently nodding in agreement. And now, the big day is finally here: Super Bowl Sunday. More importantly, it’s the day of the Super Bowl party. How are you going to make it through without knowing who’s who? Of course, you can’t wait to settle on your friend’s couch and watch…

7 Tips for Surviving the Super Bowl with Kids

Father And Son Watching Sports On TVThink about Super Bowl Sunday and what comes to mind? Probably things like football, wings, nachos and beer. Or maybe you’re just excited for the commercials. Either way, it’s not exactly the most kid-friendly of events. But with a few tweaks and some minor preparations, you can make sure your kids have a blast at any Super Bowl party…

Super Bowl Party Cocktails to Try

Cctel 15Pizza or wings? Nachos or seven-layer dip? No matter what’s on the menu, tasty drinks are required. If you’re stuck on finding a football-themed beverage that isn’t Gatorade, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re attending a party or hosting Game Day at home, these Super Bowl-inspired cocktails are designed to please every fan…

New Jersey Roots Run Deep in Super Bowl LI

NJ Super BowlFollowing a 2-10 campaign, Rutgers football can turn to Super Bowl LI for inspiration — a game that will feature twice as many former Scarlet Knights (four) as the team’s 2016 win total. The Patriots and Falcons square off in a tilt teeming with New Jersey natives and storylines connected to the Garden State. Perhaps none more prominent than the fact that it will feature more Rutgers alums than any other school…