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Bridal Party Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding — and just now realizing that you have to also get gifts for the bridal party? Hey, it happens. I was this person last year frantically trying to find the best gifts for both guys and girls, while making sure everything else with the wedding was staying on track.

Wedding gifts should always express your sincere gratitude to your bridesmaids and your groomsmen. After all, these are the people that have stuck by your side for an entire year (and maybe even more!) of planning. Show them how much they mean to you by gifting them with a gift that is unique, personal, and from the heart.

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The members of your bridal party have been there in your time of need, expressed immense joy for you, and kept their cool while you acted like a complete Bridezilla…or Groomzilla.

But what can you give them to say thanks? Let’s face it, a scented candle and a gift card just won’t do. Meghan DiFrancesco, Event Specialist at the Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, has some ideas. “I tried thinking of things that would have been useful as I was the Maid of Honor in my sister’s wedding,” she said. “A lot of these gifts are not only efficient, but you can always add that personal touch to them.”

It’s always great to keep in mind each person in your party’s personal style. It makes picking a gift for them that much easier. Here, DiFrancesco share some of her favorite gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on each of their faces.

Pocket Ballet Flats: Perfect for dancing

bridal party

We’ve all seen members of the bridal party sporting flip-flops during the reception — heels hurt, after all! — but pocket ballet flats can keep your bridesmaids comfy without making them look like they’re headed for the beach. “I got this idea from my sister on her wedding day. I saw her packing a small little package into her clutch and asked what it was. She pulled out these portable flats and explained that she needed something comfy to change into because her wedding heels were obviously not too comfortable. [They’re] beautiful, but definitely not sufficient for the entire night!” DiFrancesco said. “I thought this was brilliant and have been telling all of my brides about them ever since.”

Portable iPhone Chargers: Perfect for Both Guys and Girls

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Between taking photos, playing music in the bridal suite, coordinating with guests and, of course, Instagramming the wedding, your phone’s battery will take a hit. That’s why DiFrancesco recommends giving your bridal party chargers. “This idea came from my own personal experience. I was up at 5 am getting ready for my sister’s wedding and happened to be the one playing the music through my speaker. I didn’t realize until I was leaving for the church that my phone was on 20-percent,” DiFrancesco said. “Not only was I panicking because I wouldn’t be able to Snapchat the night, but all of my notes for my maid of honor speech were on my phone as well. Thank goodness that my sisters friend had a portable charger on her!”

Monogrammed Totes: Perfect for Every Day

bridal partyA cute, personalized tote always comes in handy. “Every time I go away, I am scouring my closet for a bag big enough to fit all of my essentials,” said DiFrancesco. “For girls, it’s important to have a go-to bag with lots of pockets for makeup bags, hair accessories, etc. There are so many options for these monogrammed totes online, and the best part is that they will never go out of style — who doesn’t love monograms!”

Robes: Perfect for Feeling Pampered

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A nice robe is the kind of luxurious item everyone loves, but rarely buys for themselves. “This was my sister’s gift to her bridal party. She found the softest robes I’ve ever felt — pure cotton because it is the most absorbent and keeps you cool at the same time! — and to this day I still thank her for it!” said DiFrancesco. “I’ve also seen girls use monogrammed button down shirts, but they aren’t as breathable or as comfy.”

Personalized Notes: Perfect for that Special Touch

bridal partyHave your bridesmaids and groomsmen held your hand during the tough times, celebrated with you during the good times, and attended every fitting with you? You’ve said thanks — now put it in writing. “This is definitely one of the most sentimental ideas I’ve seen. As part of the bridal party, you have so many responsibilities and you work extremely hard to make sure the bride’s day runs smoothly,” DiFrancesco said. “It is such a nice touch to feel appreciated for all of the work you did!”

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