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The Best of: The JerseyFest Food Truck Mash-Up

This past Saturday was a day to remember, as it was New Jersey versus Philly in an epic food truck event. The Meadowlands Racetrack of East Rutherford hosted the JerseyFest Food Truck Mash-Up on June 4, as countless people crammed into the racetrack’s backyard and East Apron. Trucks governed the property, bringing the best in messy foods from two neighbor states.

The Mash-Up featured a wide range of menu items, from mouthwatering barbecue and fresh seafood to sweet treats like gourmet ice cream and waffles à la Mode. Attendees were also able to sample various craft brews from across the country.

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Meals on Wheels

The event drew numerous New Jersey trucks including Ben & Jerry’s, Callahan’s Hot Dogs, Empanada Guy, Luke’s Lobster, and Ma & Pa’s Tex-Mex BBQ; alongside Philly trucks including Chick’N Cone, Mama’s Meatballs, Oink and Moo BBQ, PB&U, and The Pizza Wagon. Attendees used their personal palates to cast a vote for their favorite vendor.

The lines were long and wound all around the grounds, but if you toughed it out until you were next in line, you were able to sink your teeth into some outstanding food, like Luke’s lobster rolls and Mama’s “Rocky Ball Boa.”


JerseyFest also offered live music from New Jersey rock cover band, Men of Horses. Families fortunate enough to snag an open picnic bench could chow down on their delicious meals while listening to music.

Though it began to pour towards the end of the evening, many New Jerseyans stuck it out; enjoying the best of the JerseyFest Food Truck Mash-Up. Those that did were treated to live entertainment, harness racing, beer sampling, and more.

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