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First Northeastern Tide Dry Cleaners Opens in New Jersey

Typical dry cleaners haven’t innovated much since their inception; they often pose as a very inconvenient chore to our weekly routine. Picking up and dropping off clothes is never as easy as it should be. And what some dry cleaners lack in professionalism, they hardly make up for in their fluctuating prices. But the new Tide Dry Cleaners in New Jersey, the first of its kind in the northeast, wants to change all that.
Located in Summit, Tide Dry Cleaners has set up shop to offer residents a number of dry cleaning and laundry services seven days a week. The new dry cleaners uses state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line products to make sure your clothes come out clean, crisp and pressed to perfection. (They even have that familiar Tide scent!)

In late 2015, New Jerseyan Lou Pacifico opened up the North East’s very first Tide Dry Cleaners. Though the shop is affiliated with the internationally recognized Procter & Gamble brand, Pacifico and his staff take pride in the fact that their shop is locally owned and run.
Needless to say, the establishment is not like your typical dry cleaners, though they are often just as affordable. While Pacifico, who works at the shop every day, ensures that each guest receives high quality and friendly service, Tide Dry Cleaners utilizes other services and devices in order to provide the smoothest experience possible.
Tide Dry Cleaners

Tide Dry Cleaners Services

The Union County cleaners is equipped with a “Car Side Valet,” in which patrons can pull up under a double-lane-wide covered canopy as an employee offers assistance right from their vehicle. It’s a convenient and unique feature, whether you’re dropping off clothes or picking them up during store hours.
If you can’t make it during store hours, Tide Dry Cleaners is equipped with a 24-hour kiosk and 24-hour drop-box right outside their front door. When customers’ clothes are ready to be picked up, they receive an e-mail, which includes a unique QR code that enables them to use the kiosk anytime, day or night. Just scan the QR code, and the machine-operated conveyor system will fetch the clothing.
Tide Dry Cleaners

The Tide Dry Cleaners Difference

To clean the clothes, Tide Dry Cleaners utilizes the highest quality products, including a GreenEarth dry cleaning solvent (for clothes that are being dry cleaned). This does not compromise the material’s integrity and is also much better for the skin, as well as being non-toxic and environmentally friendly. For laundry, the shop uses Tide Laundry Detergent and Downy Liquid Fabric Softener, which isn’t frequently used at other local dry cleaners. Tide Dry Cleaners will wash anything you’d wash at home, from shirts and pants to bed spreads and table cloths, and they’ll even fold them for you.
Perhaps the most impressive thing that Tide Dry Cleaners has to offer is their use of technology. Garments are hand-inspected at least seven separate times throughout the process. After the final inspection, items are hung on a rotating conveyor where a robotic machine automatically sorts and bags them. Afterward, the guest receives an e-mail saying that his or her order is ready to be picked up.
Tide Dry Cleaners

Why Tide Dry Cleaners?

Tide Dry Cleaners is a great choice when planning for or attending formal events. If you have a wedding coming up, Tide Dry Cleaners is happy to assist in bridal services, both before and after the big day. They can press and clean anything for both the bride and groom’s parties.
Tide Dry Cleaners, the official dry cleaner of the U.S. Olympic Team and the NFL, is located at 26 Morris Turnpike in Summit, across from Kings Short Hills. If you live or work in the area, the shop also offers free pick-up and delivery on all products. Join Tide Dry Cleaners’ mailing list at https://www.tidedrycleanersicr.com/icr to receive exclusive coupons through e-mail.
For questions on how to become a customer, a residential delivery customer or how to set up pick-up/delivery for your business, call 908-219-4525 or e-mail tidedrycleanersnj@gmail.com.