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Healthy Lunch Ideas to Get Your Kids Excited for Back to School

Packing a healthy school lunch that your kids will actually finish can be difficult. But the key to a healthy lunch is using simple ingredients that your kids already love. With this in mind, here are six healthy lunch ideas that your kids will be excited to eat at school.

We hope your school year gets off to a delicious start!

Hummus, Avocado and Apple Sandwich

If your kids are guacamole gobblers, try making this sandwich for them. The avocado is the selling point, the apple adds that sweetness that they really want, and the hummus is packed with protein. Make it on whole grain bread to add extra fiber and even more protein. You can serve it with their favorite fruit and crackers.

Pasta salad

pasta salad
Do you have a little carb monster who’s always requesting spaghetti? Try sending them to school with a container of pasta salad. Mix cooked pasta with any vegetables that they like, whether cooked or raw. Traditional pasta salad has a mayonnaise-based dressing, but for a healthier option you could try a green goddess dressing.

Pita Pizza

This is a healthy alternative to those pre-packaged Lunchables that are full of refined carbohydrates and processed meat. Fill your child’s lunch box with whole wheat pita bread, tomato sauce, and whatever healthy pizza toppings they like. You could also make this a fruit pizza with almond butter, or another fruit-friendly spread, as the base. The ingredients are up to you. The important thing is that your child gets excited about putting this lunch together himself.

Fruit and veggie skewers

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If you are having a hard time getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables, you might want to try making the foods more interesting and fun to eat. One method you can use is cutting the fruits and veggies into fun shapes with cookie cutters and then putting the pieces on skewers. Include your child’s favorite dip, like peanut butter or ranch, for the vegetables. These healthy skewers are a good side dish to pair with a sandwich or a wrap.

Taco rolls

This one is a little more complicated to prepare, but it’s so fun that it will surely make your kids look forward to lunchtime. First, spread your child’s favorite taco fillings on a small tortilla or a wrap. Then roll the tortilla super tight like a sushi roll. Finally, cut the taco roll-up into bite-sized pieces. You now have a lunch container full of mini-taco roll-ups. This is a great way to sneak some vegetables into a kid-friendly lunch idea.


healthy lunch, lunch ideas, back to school
This will delight the child who loves to eat breakfast for every meal. Fill a tupperware container with their favorite healthy cereal, plus fresh or dried fruit and nuts. Include a thermos with their favorite type of milk, so they can pour it over the cereal when it’s time to eat. This pairs well with a healthy yogurt.

Sometimes kids are reluctant to go back to school, but these healthy and creative lunch ideas might just get your kids excited for their first day. A little creative preparation can go a long way when encouraging your child to eat healthy foods.

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