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Veg Out on Thanksgiving at These Vegan Restaurants

Ah, Thanksgiving! Was there ever a more perfect holiday? Holidays carry a unique, and often significant, meaning that makes them special. Yet, when you distill them down to their essence, Halloween is about the candy, the Fourth of July is about the fireworks, and Thanksgiving is about the food!

Seriously, it’s an entire day devoted to lounging around and eating, and all we have to do is say, “Yes, thank you, I will have some more!” But what about the vegans? Of course, there are a number of vegan restaurants in NJ to choose from.

Turkey is the go-to main course, of course — but if you’re looking for a meatless way to give thanks, you’re in luck. There are plenty of holiday dining options available if you wish to eat at a vegan restaurant on Thanksgiving! Here are our picks:

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Veggie Heaven

Veggie Heaven

Location: 631 Valley Road, Montclair
Details: Got a hankering to nosh down a veggie chicken hot pot? That would be some soy protein with ginger, basil, and sliced black mushrooms. How about some curry tofu with mixed vegetables? Can we interest you in eggplant with garlic sauce? Salivating yet? Veggie Heaven is New Jersey’s easygoing vegetarian Chinese eatery, and they will be open for your dining pleasure this Thanksgiving. Although not required, reservations are definitely recommended. So, call ahead — why risk missing out on all of the garden grub goodness?
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Andrew’s Healthy Eating Restaurant & Cafe

Andrews Healthy Eating

Location: 737 Broadway, Bayonne
Details: Andrew’s Project was established based on the following principal: “Eat healthy in order to live healthy.” Founder and C.E.O. Vasantha Perera, a gold medalist in culinary competitions, believes that your diet, and not doctors, are the key to wellness. This Thanksgiving, try a gluten-free/vegan/non-GMO/organic dining experience. Andrew’s Healthy Eating Restaurant & Cafe will be open until 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, and reservations are required.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.


Location: 9 Spring Street, New Brunswick
Details: Veganized is open this Thanksgiving from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. In other words, you have all day to get your chompers over to this organic vegan restaurant to delight in the dazzling array of delectable dishes. Check out some of their highly recommended offerings: RAWvioli (raw beet ravioli, raw nut cheese, pesto, and saffron cream), or Mex-I-Can (polenta, black bean sauce, charred corn, guacamole, pico de gallo, pumpkin seeds, cashew sour cream). For dessert, why not try the Bananarama? That’s vanilla poppy seed banana cake, blueberry lavender compote, mango coulis and vanilla sauce. Skip the tryptophan and go raw this holiday at Veganized.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Dosa Grill

Dosa Grill

Location: 1980 State Route 27, North Brunswick
Details: There are three basic types of vegetarians: lacto ovo (yes to dairy and eggs), lacto (yes to dairy), and vegan (no to any animal product). At Dosa Grill — named after the delicious Indian pancake — an authentic South and North Indian vegetarian restaurant, they accommodate whatever level your commitment has reached. And they do it with delicious Dosa flair! Experience a whole new world of flavor that will make you truly thankful this holiday. This North Brunswick eatery has anything you could imagine eating, rolled up in an incredibly yummy edible Dosa.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Good Karma Cafe

Location: 17 East Front Street, Red Bank
Details: Pumpkin lasagna. That kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not all. Here are the details of this dish: roasted pumpkin, cashew cheese, sautéed leeks, tofu ricotta, and a pumpkin cheese sauce. Now we’re talking. But if that doesn’t tickle your Thanksgiving fancy, there’s also roasted acorn squash, sliced herb tofu loaf, and walnut-rosemary crusted seitan. Each of these meals serves one person and comes with mashed potatoes, savory gravy, roasted root vegetables, cranberry apple chutney, and a cup of butternut squash soup. And for dessert, how about some raw chocolate pie? But if you want all this yummy chow for the holiday, you have to order by Monday, November 21, and pick it up by 9 p.m. on the 23rd. Enjoy!
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

The Cinnamon Snail

vegan thanksgiving

Location: The corner of West Front Street & Shrewsbury Avenue, Red Bank
Details: You say you want to celebrate the holiday in style? Then try The Cinnamon Snail’s Awesomely Rad Thanksgiving 2016! (Ahem, that is the official name, so it must be pretty good!) Note: This is a pick-up only experience, but it’s still technically a vegan restaurant. Here’s how it works: 1. Visit their site. 2. Choose your pick-up location. 3. Handpick your perfect meal. (Order deadline is Sunday November 20th at midnight.) 4. Head on over to The Cinnamon Snail on Thanksgiving Day to pick up your a fabulous no-fuss foodie fest!
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Kaya’s Kitchen

Location: 1000 Main Street, Belmar
Details: Located in the heart of beautiful Belmar, Kaya’s Kitchen is an oasis of authentic vegan cuisine. You can dine on every type of fare ranging from homemade soups and salads to appetizers and entrees inspired by dishes around the world. There are sandwiches, burritos, burgers, pizzas, and international delights. Whatever you’re craving, Kaya’s has something perfect for you — right down to the beverages. Doesn’t a delicious herbal wildberry iced tea sound good right about now?
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Seasons 52

vegan thanksgiving

Location: 2000 Route 38, Cherry Hill
Details: Now we’re talking elegant eats! Unparalleled cultured cuisine is Seasons 52’s specialty. Just wait till you try the Autumn Vegetarian Tasting featuring wood-grilled kohlrabi “steak,” vegan paella, asparagus, and fennel-roasted onion. C’est manifique! Want more options? There are plenty. Quinoa grain & cranberry Salad, roasted crushed potatoes, fuji apple salad, and spinach & caramelized bosc pear. So delicious, you might not be able to wait till Thanksgiving to sample the splendor. Just remember, before heading over for the big feast, reservations are required.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Seed to Sprout

vegan thanksgiving

Location: 410 Main Street, Avon-by-the-Sea
Details: For Thanksgiving, this Avon-by-the-Sea vegan restaurant is going above and beyond to offer a special hand-picked menu that features more than a dozen scrumptious food choices that are perfect for all of your non-turkey catering needs. (Sweet potato mac and cheese, anyone?) Just remember, visit their site and place your order by 12 p.m. on November 18 to ensure you have the best veggie-filled day ever!
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

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