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The Best Halloween Parades in NJ

Halloween seems to arrive a little bit earlier in New Jersey with each passing year. It’s almost become an entire season unto itself, as all sorts of weird things begin to happen; zombies roam the streets, ghosts rise up out of graveyards and witches and skeletons (sometimes literally) hang out in your neighbor’s yard all in preparation for a great march down Main Street. Which is why we put together a guide to The Best Halloween Parades in NJ.

If you’re interested, we’re also listing Halloween Trunk or Treat Events and Haunted Houses all over the state. We’ve also gathered up some of our spookiest local stories and features in our Haunted NJ Series and a great behind-the-scenes report from the Bane Haunted House on what it takes to really scare people. Before we get to our statewide list of Halloween Parades, take a quick glance at some of our other themed content listed below as well.

Bonus Halloween Features


Is Halloween the New Christmas?

Last October, as I was simultaneously turning a nine-year-old boy into a clown, pouring bags of candy into a bottomless plastic cauldron and putting the finishing touches on our Jack-O’-Lantern, I came to a startling realization. This once-simple holiday had taken on the manic fever pitch of the Christmas season…


Ghosts of the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is more than surf, sand, and suntans. It also has a haunted past that few know about that’s well worth exploring. If you’re looking for a getaway that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, and are interested in things not of this world, then you will definitely want to explore our top three haunted places of the Jersey Shore…

kill pumpkin with rope

Is Halloween Getting Too Scary?

Years ago, if you really wanted to have a hair-raising Halloween, you’d bring home a movie of the always-menacing Freddy Kreuger. But now it seems you only have to peek outside your door to get a good scare. Many revelers are replacing their skeletons and gravestones with scenes straight out of an emergency room or a coroner’s office…

Re and white wine pouring on wood background

Best Local Wine to Drink with Your Kid’s Stolen Halloween Candy

The last of the evening’s ghosts and goblins have retired to their beds, exhausted from trick-or-treating. Your child’s bounty sits on the kitchen table, a plastic pumpkin bursting with fruity candies, tart chewy taffies and chocolate treats that tempt you to sneak just a taste. Surely, the kids won’t miss a few pieces, you rationalize…

Pumpkins and Chrysanthemums

The Best October Fairs & Festivals in NJ

Fall is the perfect time to take in all the wonderful things New Jersey has to offer. The crisp air, the crunch of leaves underfoot and of course, pumpkins everywhere you look. These fifteen great October fairs and festivals offer delicious food, family fun, live music and outdoor activities galore…

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