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haunted nj

NJ Halloween-Haunted NJ- Eyes Blue Haunted NJ Hero

Haunted NJ: The Series

From horrifying houses like the Seabrook-Wilson estate to researching the lore of the Jersey Devil, our Haunted NJ series is sure to keep you up at night…

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NJ Halloween-Haunted NJ-Grave Yard Princeton

Haunted NJ: Ghost Hunting in Princeton

Princeton University has produced world leaders, top business professionals and every type of genius. And when these brilliant men and women pass away, they often come back to a place they loved, making the university and surrounding town one of…

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Haunted NJ: Cape May’s Ghostly Hotspots

During the summer, Cape May is a place of sun and relaxation, but many vacationers don’t realize they’re actually sleeping with ghosts — hundreds of ghosts. Cape May, NJ is not only the most haunted town in the state, it…

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NJ Halloweel-Jersey Devil Hero

Haunted NJ: The Jersey Devil

You undoubtedly know the name, even if you don’t know the legend. The Jersey Devil has become one of the icons of the Garden State, and there are regular sightings of the malformed demon throughout the area. This week, it…

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Haunted NJ-Overbrook-Hallway

Haunted NJ: The Overbrook Asylum

It’s off-limits, dangerous and smells of rotting basements. So what makes the old Essex County Hospital of Cedar Grove — aka, Overbrook Asylum or “The Bin” — so intriguing? “Hollywood would be hard-pressed to make a fake asylum as eerie…

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NJ Halloween-Haunted Jersey-Clinton Road

Haunted NJ: Clinton Road

You don’t need a ticket. You don’t need special permission from the historical society. You don’t even need a crowbar and steel-toed boots to explore one of the most haunted places in the country. To experience the ten miles of…

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Haunted NJ-Seabrook

Haunted NJ: The Seabrook-Wilson House

The house creaks with footsteps of long dead souls. Whispered secrets of war still echo softly against the walls. A female phantom appears, clutching her crying baby and vanishes. In the shadows creeps a devil-worshiping sea captain. A ghostly child…

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