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Caldwell University Aims to Destigmatize Mental Health Issues

Maintaining a comfortable and focused mindset isn’t always easy for individuals living, working and learning in the excitement of the 21st century. Amid the everyday pressures that go along with trying to be successful, many people – including diligent college students – struggle with mental health issues. Unfortunately, often times their mental and emotional needs are not recognized or treated. But must this always be the case?
Individuals in these situations are in need of support, and many towns – plus one university in particular – in the state of New Jersey are attempting to lend a helping hand.

Steve Adubato, PhD., sat down with Director of Counseling Services at Caldwell University, Robin Davenport, for an episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato to talk about how the university is keeping their campus stigma-free in regards to metal health issues.
Davenport explained that Caldwell University of Essex County has become a higher education institution that is completely accepting and empathetic of those with mental health issues, going so far as to become the very first university or college in the state to don the “stigma-free” label.
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“The push was to help decrease the stigma that surrounds mental illness and mental health concerns,” Davenport told Adubato, about the traditionally sensitive topic. “This was a campaign that was started by Governor Richard Codey and his wife, Mary Jo.”
Former New Jersey Governor Codey and his wife launched the campaign in an effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness, as well as provide public awareness about resources that are out there to deal with mental health concerns. Towns throughout the state, including Madison, West Caldwell and East Hanover, have even been adopting the title of “Stigma-Free Towns,” said Davenport.
As part of this endeavor, Caldwell University has also opened a new wellness center with a mission “to treat the body, mind and spirit.”
“We try to take a very holistic approach, understanding the deep connection between the mind, body and spirit,” Davenport said of the university’s new wellness center.
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