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The Bagel Nook Offers an "Overload" of Fun Food

One of America’s most eccentric breakfast shops is nestled comfortably in the heart of the Garden State. Serving countless different breakfast and lunch items, The Bagel Nook has become a renowned café, bakery and deli since opening their doors less than a year ago.
In August of 2015, after extensive planning and preparation, Alex, David, Stacy, and Jessica Berkowitz opened their Freehold-based bagel shop. They didn’t want their new endeavor to reflect most other restaurants, however. Instead, The Bagel Nook began offering a variety of creative cream cheeses and bagels; the end result included cotton candy cream cheese, fudge brownie cream cheese and jalapeno cheddar cream cheese alongside Oreo-infused bagels, tie-dye bagels and even Fruity Pebbles bagels, all offered in addition to numerous other homemade, traditional types.
The Bagel Nook aims to constantly “up the ante,” so as their menu grew, they became the creators of the original “Overloads.”
For those who aren’t familiar with Overloads, these sweet treats encompass explosions of flavor from a variety of complimenting ingredients. Their most popular option, The Oreo Overload, consists of their famous Oreo bagel loaded with Oreo-flavored cream cheese and stuffed with actual Oreos.
The Bagel Nook
Beyond the Oreo Overload, the New Jersey establishment offers many more signature Overloads, including a Fruity Pebble Overload with birthday cake cream cheese and fresh strawberries. But the team especially loves when guests get creative and make their own custom orders.
“Nothing’s too crazy here,” says Alex Berkowitz, who runs the shop. “We’ll do whatever you want.”
Along with their nationally distinguished and innovative bagel options, The Bagel Nook also offers a full menu with other exceptional breakfast and lunch items; these options include eggs, pancakes, French toast, sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps, subs, burgers, cheesesteaks, Paninis, and even Truck Sandwiches. All of their menu items are fresh and made-to-order. Of course, breakfast and lunch wouldn’t be complete without their coffee bar, which provides a variety of crisp, piping hot brews.
The Bagel Nook
In the 9 months since it opened, the Bagel Nook has become a nationally recognized establishment because of its creativity, mouthwatering food and strong staff who works tirelessly to produce outstanding products for their countless guests, Berkowitz tells Best of NJ.
He adds: “We’re here for the people. We try our hardest to accommodate every one of our guests in the best way we possibly can.”
To stay in the loop about The Bagel Nook’s latest cream cheese concoctions, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Hero (Top) Feature Image (& Additional Images): © Patrick Lombardi / Best of NJ

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