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Simply Stix Serves Street Food Skewers in Hackensack

We wouldn’t blame you for wondering what sort of place Simply Stix is just from the name. So to be clear, it is a new restaurant in Hackensack that serves authentic Greek street food. The “stix” in question are individual skewers they marinate and cook to perfection using pork, chicken, beef, or falafel.

Owner Katerina Romnios says the idea comes from her favorite childhood treats. While spending many summers with her family in Greece, her grandmother taught her how to cook traditional Greek dishes. But during the evenings, she loved walking the village squares and grabbing a stick or sandwich. “We’d always grab them and sit on the bench by a park or take them to a picnic on the beach,” she says.

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Simply Stix Sticks to What it Does Best

Simply Stix is primarily a takeout spot that cooks items to order and makes it all in house. “We’re a traditional Greek street food restaurant that believes in fresh whole food at a great price,” says Romnios. You may have to wait 15 minutes, but with that you get a custom, hot and fresh meal, she says.

Platters include two stix of your choosing, pita bread, fresh-cut French fries, Greek salad and a side of tzatziki. So far people love their bifteki stix, which mix fresh ground sirloin and beef; then they dice in some white onions and add fresh organic parsley and basil, oregano from Greece, and other spices. Click here to see the full Simply Stix menu.

Meat Stix Platter

“Everything we make here has been taught to me by my mother, aunt, and grandmother; or is from a family recipe passed to me,” Romnios explains. “I put a lot of time into purchasing only the finest ingredients (usually organic) and always keep my recipes on hand to stay consistent.”

Of course, you can also expect homemade tzatziki and Greek salads at Simply Stix. However, what you might not expect are all the vegan, vegetarian, whole 30, keto, Aktins, and gluten-free options. In addition, they also serve a rotating soup of the day to pair with your salad or sandwich.

Picking the Right Spot

Choosing Hackensack as the home for Simply Stix was easy, because Katarina’s family has a long history in town. Her parents opened a printing store in town during the 1980s that her brother now runs. But she also has one more reason behind her choice. “With the redevelopment of our area, I wanted to be part of something new and exciting where my concept would be welcomed.”

Skewers on Grill

“I think it was meant for me to be in Hackensack, where my parents’ business started and thrived,” she adds.

Simply Stix offers pickup and delivery, though they also have two seats and a leaning table inside. But during the summer, they plan to offer three outdoor tables for patrons. Event catering is an option as well; in fact, Romnios has already catered several corporate meetings and seminars.

Visit Simply Stix at 163 Main Street in Hackensack. For more info, visit their website or give them a call.

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