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Morano Gelato Brings Authentic Italian Dessert to Westfield

Unless you’ve traveled out to Italy in your lifetime, it would be tough to find a gelateria as authentic as Morano Gelato in Westfield. This local business is brand new to the Garden State and offers traditional Sicilian-style gelato. But the best part is it’s made from scratch every morning on premises.

Morana Gelato is open seven days a week, bringing guests fine Italian flavors; as well as cakes, frappes, espresso, and other fine Italian specialties.

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A Long Time Coming

Morana Gelato
Maurice Dayan, owner of the newly-opened Morano Gelato in Westfield.

The very first Morano Gelato location was opened by Morgan Morano in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 2011. Before that, she had spent the previous six years living on and off in Italy and training with one of the top Sicilian gelato and pastry chefs in Florence. Her mission was to promote true Italian gelato for the enjoyment of every one of her customers. With its third location now open in Union County, Westfield owner Maurice Dayan is carrying on Morano’s mission to ensure every guest leaves well satisfied.

Morano Gelato utilizes high-quality ingredients both imported from Italy and purchased from local farms and vendors. The shop offers six standard Italian favorites daily, plus 10 flavors chosen from a list of 200 choices.

The gelateria makes their product in small batches, which allows them to craft each flavor with exert care. Of course, making gelato differs from making typical ice cream, Dayan explains. That’s because gelato is made with less cream and more milk, and is kept at a slightly warmer temperature, making it a smoother (and in many ways, healthier) frozen treat.

“There is less fat and also less air in gelato, so the flavors hit your tongue faster and more powerfully,” said Dayan. “So gelato packs more of a flavor punch.”

Morana Gelato

Don’t Forget Your Drink

An authentic Italian gelateria would not be complete without an array of sizzling caffeinated beverages. With this in mind, Morano Gelato offers the typical latte and espresso; but also prompts guests to try some more unique Italian beverages. These include the Caffe Viennese, “Nutella” Latte, and an affogato, which is your choice of gelato “drowned” in espresso.

Morano Gelato is now open, but are hosting a very special grand opening event on Thursday, June 8; the grand opening features Italian entertainment, like an accordion player and mimes, as well as exciting giveaways. Be sure to stop by and try some tasty treats!

All Photos: © Patrick Lombardi / Best of NJ

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