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Give Bottled Beer that Exquisite Draft Taste using Fizzics

Americans love beer, from the cold brews at sporting events to the sampled crafts in the intimate setting of a local microbrewery. Unfortunately, the refrigerated bottles we store at home never compare to that straight from the tap taste. However, two New Jersey-natives found a way to improve the way we consume beer at home. Their solution? It’s simple Fizzics.

Chief Executive Officer of Fizzics, Phil Petracca, visited the set of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis to share a revolutionary product that makes bottled and canned beer taste like freshly poured draft beer. Petracca discussed his inspiration for the product and his experience on ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank.

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Fizzics is Fun

Petracca and partner David McDonald are beer enthusiasts who enjoy visiting local breweries as much as hanging out at home; but Petracca found that he wanted something more from his at-home beer.

This video was made possible thanks to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

“My partner, David, and I were drinking a great draft beer at a local microbrewery,” Petracca tells Joanna Gagis; “and I said, ‘you know, Dave, why does beer taste so good fresh from the brewer’s tap; but we drink the same beer at home out of cans and bottles, it doesn’t quite taste the same?’”

“So what we found is beer is a special beverage, because the aroma, which is 70 percent of flavor, is derived through the foam,” he added. “So we figured if we can get the ideal density of foam and make people love the taste of foam, then you get all of the benefits of the aroma. And that’s exactly what our technology and platform does.”

After the birth of Fizzics, Petracca and McDonald took their innovative product to Shark Tank where they were able to pitch it to six sharks, which was the first time all of the main sharks have appeared on an episode together.

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