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Gio’s Gelato Offers Homemade Gelato in Franklin Lakes

Ice cream shops are fairly easy to find around New Jersey. However, it can be tough to find an authentic gelato spot. But thanks to Gio’s Gelato & Espresso Bar in Franklin Lakes, North Jersey has a new homemade gelato spot.

For those who might not know, gelato is an Italian dessert staple. Though it may seem the same, it’s actually quite different from ice cream. While both contain cream, milk, and sugar, gelato favors more milk and less cream. In addition, gelato often doesn’t use egg yolk, which is common in ice cream. As a result, gelato is creamier, silkier, smoother, and denser than ice cream.

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When it comes to taste, gelato has one big advantage: It is served about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than American ice cream. Since it’s not too cold, your mouth is less numb and you can taste it better.

“Many people come in not knowing what to expect,” says owner and in-house gelato expert, Raffaele D’Angelo. “We’re happy to give these customers as many samples and recommendations as possible. Most people leave knowing what they want to try on their next visit.”

An Assortment of Flavors at Gio’s Gelato

Gio's Gelato ExteriorThere are more than 20 flavors to choose from at Gio’s Gelato. The menu also features classic favorites and weekly specials. Of course, basic options include vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. For a fruity choice, they offer cherry or strawberry. Otherwise, you can go nuts with flavors such as hazelnut or pistachio. For the more adventurous, you can order the Unicorn; “Some say it tastes a bit like cotton candy with a touch of magic,” says D’Angelo. If you’re in a hurry, they also offer to-go containers.

Gio’s Gelato didn’t just tack on the “& Espresso Bar” in their name by accident, either. They offer hot beverages like cappuccino, espresso, and Italian hot chocolate. On the flip side, you can cool off with an iced café latte or Italian iced chocolate. “Gio’s is bright and cheery, laid back, casual and fun,” says D’Angelo. He says they chose Franklin Lakes since no authentic homemade shops are in northern Bergen County.

In fact, opening a gelato shop has been a dream of D’Angelo’s for quite some time. “I was so passionate about getting the job done right that I studied gelato making in in Rimini, Italy and Sicily,” says D’Angelo. Gio’s is his first gelato shop.

If you’re ready to try Gio’s Gelato for yourself, head over to 822 Franklin Avenue in Franklin Lakes. For more menu options or details, visit their website or call (201) 904-2266.

Feature (Top) Image: Provided by Gio’s Gelato
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