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The Best NJ Kids’ Books for Holiday Gifts

Parents know that one of the best holiday gifts to give kids is a really great book. A well-written book takes children to a whole new world that lives inside their imagination and stays with them long after they turn the final page. A book can give kids an entirely new perspective or insight into people, places and objects they already know; which makes them great holiday gifts.

Gift givers, including Santa himself, might consider the following children’s books about New Jersey for the kids on their list this holiday season.

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Night-Night New Jersey

holiday giftsby Katherine Sully and Helen Poole
Details: This adorable book features colorful depictions and a sing-song rhyme that invites children to say good-night to various NJ sites. It honors some of the family’s favorite places in the state, including Turtle Back Zoo and Holmdel Park. The book reads like a lullaby, making it perfect for younger tots, especially those who might have trouble drifting off to sleep. (Ages 1 to 4)
Price: $9.99 on Amazon

Good Night New Jersey

God Night New Jerseyby Dennis Clark and Joe Veno
Details: The popular Good Night book series features delightful illustrations and age-appropriate state trivia. In the New Jersey book, kids will visit famous spots such as the Adventure Aquarium and the Lakota Wolf Preserve. They’ll also get a glimpse at many of the outdoor activities the state offers, such as fishing and kayaking. A perfect choice for a bedtime story with New Jersey flair. (Ages 1 to 4)
Price: $8.95 on Amazon

G is For Garden State: A New Jersey Alphabet

holiday gifts
by Eileen Cameron and Doris Ettlinger
Details: Kids are introduced to the state’s history by exploring the people, places and landmarks that make NJ a fascinating place to live. Inventor Thomas Edison makes an appearance, as does “Molly Pitcher,” a woman born near Trenton who served water to soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Young readers learn state facts through colorful drawings and rhyming text. (Ages 6 to 9)
Price: $13.40 on Amazon

Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace

holiday giftsby Nan Marino
Details: An NPR Best Book of 2013, this novel is a great gift for older children. New Jersey isn’t exactly front and center, but it does play a significant role in this fictional tale. When Elvis Ruby freezes up and loses the reality show Tween Star, he goes into hiding in Wares Grove, a small town near the Pine Barrens. There Elvis meets Cecilia and makes both beautiful music and pancakes, until the paparazzi track him down. Elvis’ story is interwoven with the legend of the Jersey Devil. (Ages 8 to 12)
Price: $7.99 on Amazon

A Gull’s Story

A Gull's Storyby Frank Finale and Margie Moore
Details: Follow along with this cute story about a seagull family and their adventures along the Jersey Shore. This beautifully-illustrated book teaches kids their ABCs, while exploring the natural creatures and sights found at the beach. It’s a great choice for any child who spends their summer visiting the Jersey Shore. (Ages 4 to 8)
Price: $22 on Amazon

The Twelve Days of Christmas in New Jersey

The Twelve Days of Christmas in New Jersey Book Coverby Margaret Woollatt and Rich Rossi
Details: Part of the state-by-state series, this book is an inventive take on the popular holiday song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Two cousins get together over Christmas break and explore the state by visiting fun and interesting sights. Many kid-friendly tidbits about New Jersey are featured, including scoop on its sandy shores, historical lighthouses and moniker as the Garden State. (Ages 5 & up)
$12.95 on Amazon

Santa is Coming to New Jersey

holiday giftsby Steve Smallman and Robert Dunn
Details: A festive cover replete with Santa, his sleigh and flying reindeer hovering over Lucy the Elephant, this book opens with the Big Guy trying to figure out if Jersey kids are on the nice list. Join Santa as he travels around the state and visits Asbury Park’s Paramount Theater, Newark’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Princeton’s Blair Hall, among other famous places. (Ages 4 to 8)
Price: $9.99 on Amazon

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