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School of Rock Founder Reveals Inspiration Behind Program

Everyone loves music. In this day and age, younger generations have unparalleled access to their favorite songs and musicians. In truth, most children look up to their favorite music icons and wish to be just like them. For those with a genuine interest in music, local shops offer excellent programs. However, sometimes these programs don’t provide the one element that helps students feel like a rock star. But School of Rock can help.

For more, Steve Adubato, PhD., spoke with musician, entrepreneur and School of Rock Founder, Paul Green. On this episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, Green discusses sharing his love of music with people everywhere.

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School of Rock Takes Music Education to the Next Level

Twenty years ago, Green founded School of Rock, the musical education company with locations across eight countries. The company operates after-school instructional music programs for ages 4-17, from Pre-K through high school. Most recently, Green opened the Paul Green Rock Academy in Philadelphia.

School  of Rock
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Green, a guitarist, began teaching while still performing in front of audiences. It turns out that the idea for School of Rock came from an assignment given to his students.

“I started having the kids—to motivate them—do jam sessions on the weekend,” said Green. “And they started getting so much better from just playing with each other that I actually put on a show with them.”

That experience became the spark behind School of Rock, a revolutionary step in music education.

“Imagine being on a baseball team and never playing games,” Green suggested. “That’s what music education was like before School of Rock. You’d just practice.”

Therefore, School of Rock prepares its students for shows in front of live audiences. This greatly motivates the young musicians, giving them an immediate reason to improve. School of Rock students work harder, improve faster and receive fulfilling recognition for their efforts.

Want to learn more about how the Paul Green Rock Academy is taking music education to the next level? Then don’t miss this edition of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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