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Newark Museum: Globally Recognized Excellence

For decades, public museums have flourished across the country. These houses of history give everyone from young children to busy adults insight into the vastness of our planet. Of course, many museums encompass a varying array of historical artifacts and memorabilia; however, others showcase exhibitions full of innovative and groundbreaking artwork.

The Newark Museum, located right next to Washington Park in Downtown Newark, belongs to the latter category. The global masterpieces on display educate visitors on the wide range of cultures and practices throughout the world. As one of the biggest museums in North America, the Newark Museum has tremendous collections of artwork from throughout time; as a result of this accomplishment, the museum garners an influential international reputation.

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Why Newark Museum is so Important

Steven Kern, Director and CEO of the Newark Museum, sat down with Steve Adubato, PhD., on a special segment of One-on-One to discuss the museum’s incredible history. As one of the first museums in the country – which started off on the fourth floor of a library before receiving its own building – the Newark Museum strives to be accessible and relevant.

“To see those kids lined up in the main entrance [in a photo from the early 20th century] looks normal to us today, but in 1909 that was a whole new idea in the world of museums because this was the first museum in the United States that said, ‘It’s for everybody. Everybody’s not just welcome—everybody’s invited,’ ” says Kern.

To learn more about the diversity and uniqueness of the Newark Museum, check out this segment of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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One on One with Steve Adubato

Hero (Top) Feature Image: © Newark Museum / Facebook

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