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Jersey City’s Art House Productions Uses Art to Connect Community

TThe performing arts are an expressive and emotive art form. Acting and dancing are a major part of theater, film, and television; which makes the performing arts just as mental as they are physical. Which makes art a vital element to include in education and community programs; as it allows people to express themselves in ways other activities do not. However, that’s where Art House Productions comes in.

In particular, Art House Productions is a non-profit performing and visual arts organization. Of course, the organization presents original plays, a gallery featuring local, national, and international artists and a number of educational programs for the community’s youth.

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Bringing People Together Through Art

This video was made possible thanks to Seton Hall University.
This video was made possible thanks to Seton Hall University.

On this edition of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, Christine Goodman, founder and Executive Director of Art House Productions, discusses how her organization has incorporated art into the Jersey City community with original plays, art exhibits and arts education programs for both kids and adults.

“We do musical events; we run New Jersey’s Modern Dance Festival, we host film festivals and we also run a city-wide arts festival,” Goodman tells host Joanna Gagis.

Struck by the emotional distress of 9/11, Goodman decided to create a program to help members of the community connect through emotional displays of art and creativity, which is exactly what Art House Productions now does daily.

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