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Carrera Slot Cars Makes Comeback During COVID

The COVID-19 crisis has been a challenge for many businesses, to say the least. However, while some shops are seeing a decrease in sales or interest, others are thriving like never before. With so many folks now spending more time at home, hobbies such as slot cars are making a huge comeback; a fact Carrera of America can attest to.

A New Jersey business based in East Brunswick, Carrera of America has been around for over 55 years. They sell scale replica cars that race on slotted tracks, using hand controllers to test a player’s skill and speed.

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Carrera of America Picks Up Speed

“We started seeing an uptick in demand within the past 18 months,” says Carrera of America President Frank Tiessen. “Then suddenly in March our numbers increased and we blew through our inventory in one month.”

Carrera of America President Frank Tiessen
Carrera of America President Frank Tiessen

By late-April, Carrera could not meet demand due to a faltering supply chain and a three-week closure of their warehouse. But they were able to restock in May and have been selling through their inventory ever since; in fact, August was their biggest month yet.

Tiessen notes that Carrera slot cars are a true pre-digital throwback, providing fun for every member of the family; no matter your age. This includes current grandparents and parents with fond memories of racing slot cars in their living rooms; as for kids learning about it for the very first time, Carrera is proof that what’s old is new again.

“Parents and grandparents remember us from their childhood; combine that with a decoupling from the screen, families are looking for things to do together,” says Tiessen. “We’ve been receiving so many letters from people telling us they forgot how much fun slot cars were.”

Tiessen recalls one letter in particular, from a grandparent who has a grandchild with cancer. For them, slot cars are a way to have fun without having to risk going outside.

“Letters like that remind me that there are other ways to measure success and that’s making people happy,” says Tiessen.

A Crash Course in Slot Car Racing

Fun for beginners and enthusiasts alike, Carrera slot cars engage players with the technical aspect of racing. Preschoolers can start with the Carrera FIRST line, featuring Mario Kart, Paw Patrol, and Disney Cars. Six years and up (including adults) can enjoy the Carrera GO!!! line, which mixes in scale replicas of recognizable race cars including Porsche, Mustang, and Ferrari. After that, other product lines showcase scale replica models of classic cars and feature more advanced racing technology. Click here to see their newest products.

slot car product samples

The basics of slot car racing are simple: players must maneuver their car along a track using a hand controller. Carrera offers different size slot cars suitable for different age groups, with tracks that allow for side-by-side racing. For hobbyists or solo racers, more advanced sets allow you to preset speeds and racing conditions for opposing slot cars; allowing you to compete in, or watch, a race against preset cars.

Carrera of America provides a screen-less solution to modern, quality family time. For both longtime fans looking to jump back in and newcomers alike, Carrera slots cars provides a unique experience! To learn more or shop for products, click here to visit their website.

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All Photos: © Carrera of America

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