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Stevens Institute Student Becomes Role Model for Women in STEM

As a growing number of students enroll at colleges across the country, one trending topic focuses on young women in particular. Though more women enroll in college and beyond every year, many shy away from the STEM fields of study. Despite this classroom gender gap, one student from Stevens Institute believes there is a place for women in STEM programs.

In addition to Stevens, many campuses across the state — including both NJIT and Rutgers — are encourage women to join STEM.

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For this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, former Bergen Community College Valedictorian and current student at Stevens Institute, Maria De Abreu Pineda, joins Joanna Gagis to talk about being a role model for other young women who enjoy the sciences.

This video was made possible thanks to the Give Something Back Foundation.

At Bergen Community College, Pineda studied engineering science, and she is currently studying biomedical engineering at Stevens Institute. Pineda, who moved to the US from Venezuela after high school, explains that STEM fields offer many employment opportunities; in particular, for women in America today.

While taking STEM classes and clubs in college, Pineda says she was one of only a handful of girls. She perceived this to be much different from how things were back in Venezuela, where boys and girls in high school are equally encouraged to pursue these fields. Now, she encourages women in America to join the highly motivating and affluent area.

“Do it if you really have the passion for it,” Pineda advises. “Don’t let anyone discourage you, and try to look for mentors.”

“A huge thing for me, that has helped me personally,” she admits, “is to find [female] role models that I can relate to.” She sites role models as a source of inspiration and motivation.

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