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RWJBarnabas Health Plans to Improve NJ Communities

Numerous factors go into creating a healthy community. On the flip side, things like unemployment rates, crime rates and poor community relations are just a few of the elements that can cripple a municipality’s economy. So, what can be done to mend an ailing community in need? One health care system, RWJBarnabas Health, has decided to extend beyond the bounds of its hospitals in order to improve surrounding communities.
On this segment of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato, Michellene Davis, executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer at RWJBarnabas Health, visited the set to talk to Steve Adubato, PhD., about RWJB’s commitment to making New Jersey communities healthier by developing what they’ve dubbed the Social Impact and Community Investment initiative.

“As a health care institution… we would be remiss if, in fact, we attempted to ever think that we were just supposed to be in a community but not of that community,” said Davis. “…what if we began to literally look at ‘well, what are the social determinants that cause you to be a patient of ours in a chronic manner?'”
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Davis acknowledges the high rates of unemployment and violence within communities as a couple of the areas in which RWJB wishes to positively affect. As such, the health care network plans to continue to expand their resources and help countless other people. “I really think what [President and CEO Barry H. Ostrowsky] has done is made certain we do more than that which is required as a non-profit health care system.”
“We’re going to begin to develop tool-kits that will then help other communities in other states, and perhaps one day other nations, on how to bring about community healing,” Davis explained.
To hear more about how RWJBarnabas Health is beginning to improve communities across the State of New Jersey, check out this segment of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.
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