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This NJ School System Uses LEGO Sets to Teach Science and Engineering

As one of the top public school systems in the United States, New Jersey’s public school system has employed a number of unique and stimulating curriculums to engage students. Clubs and other extracurricular activities found at middle and high schools further allow students to explore a wide array of educational topics. But one NJ school system is taking an especially interesting approach, using LEGO sets to help teach science and engineering.
For this episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, Ernie DiCicco, Operational Partner for First LEGO League (FLL) in Northern New Jersey, and Drisha Mishra, a Mount Olive High School Robotics Team member, join Steve Adubato, PhD., to talk about how robotics and LEGO sets can be used to facilitate a fun educational experience.

DiCicco and Mishra also shared their enthusiasm for this fascinating and enjoyable way to learn about science and team spirit.
“[FLL] is a Little League, so to speak, for robotics,” said DiCicco, also citing that the push for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities is becoming big in the state of New Jersey.
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The Mount Olive High School Robotics Team has operated at the school for 21 years. Now, younger students in the school district can participate in the First LEGO League — which accepts kids ages 9-14 — to prepare them for the high school’s robotics team.
DiCicco indicated that this “out-of-the-box thinking” has allowed these students to learn problem-solving skills while having a ton of fun. Mishra explained that FLL has taught her about teamwork, leadership and even programming.
“When I went to high school and I started on the [First Robotics Competition] Team, [FLL] helped me be a little bit ahead of everyone when it came to programming,” said Mishra, who is now a high school junior.
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