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NJ Interior Designer Shares Tips for Creating A Dream Home

The interior of one’s home is a special domain, whether it’s consciously recognized or not. The colors, items and lighting that fill a home reflect the lifestyles and personalities of those who live there. One young NJ interior designer makes a career out of helping countless families turn their houses into dream homes. Her name, is Amanda Amato.

On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, host Joanna Gagis sits down with entrepreneur Amanda Amato to talk about the challenges and rewards of the interior designer and decorating business, what it takes to succeed in this line of work and the process of helping a family design their personal dream home.

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How to Design a Dream Home

Amato’s father had a construction business, so she spent her younger years on job sites looking at blueprints. But she always had a passion for being an interior designer; becoming a self-proclaimed expert of sorts at the very young age of six.

“I always had this innate feeling about design,” Amato says. “When I had playdates, I was so involved with the Barbie house and where everything should go, and my playdates transformed into me giving (design) consultations to the moms and the dads.”

In fact, much to the frustration of her friends, she would often spend more time with a playdate’s parents, offering design advice about the house rather than playing.

Interior Designer
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Today, Amato is a professional designer and owner of AMA Designs and Interiors, LLC, where she uses her dynamic skills to help people transform their house in their dream home.

“Your home should reflect your personality,” Amato explains. “When I do designs, they are all completely different. They’re not my style; it’s all the projection of the person I’m working with.”

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