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LifeCamp Offers Inner City Kids Vital Lessons and More

We’re often reminded of the cliché “the children are our future,” but we rarely take a moment to think about what that really means. It’s important to foster mental and physical growth in kids through learning; and to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. This is something that LifeCamp firmly believes.

LifeCamp is an educational and activity-based camp offered every summer to kids between six and 13-years-old; students come from the greater Newark public school system as well as the Newark Charter School Programs. The six-week program is located on the Life Farm in the Morris County section of Pottersville. It offers an opportunity for campers to learn life skills and brush up on their academics, art and athletics. LifeCamp strives to inspire kids to learn, play and succeed by providing them the resources to do so.

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For this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, Director of LifeCamp Eddie Franz visited the set to talk to Joanna Gagis about his summer day camp, which takes kids out of the city of Newark and puts them on 90 acres of farmland.

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The camp’s mission is to be “a summer enrichment program for inner city kids,” said Franz, who has been with the organization for nearly 30 years.

“Most of the kids, when I ask them where they would be if they weren’t in camp… say they’d have to stay inside,” he said, adding that LifeCamp also engages campers in activities that supplement what happens during the school year; this includes arts & crafts, graphic arts, physical education and reading and writing programs.

Unlike traditional schools, though, at LifeCamp the kids are allowed to opt out of certain classes in favor of spending more time doing activities they are passionate about. For example, a student can choose to skip math class for a few days in order to spend more time working on a graphic arts or music production project.

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