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I HeART New Jersey: The Best Painters in NJ

Our I HeART New Jersey series celebrates these amazing artists and their designs; giving them the opportunity to not only share their craft, but share their story. Each creator offers their unique take on a different style of art. This month, we’re featuring some of the Garden State’s best painters.

We’ve connected with artists who create artwork from various sources including wood, clay and now paint. From seascapes to florals and animals, these artists follow their passion, successfully turning what they love doing into a career. Here are just a few of our favorite local painters creating beautiful pieces of art with every brushstroke.

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Elizabeth Sabine of Elizabeth Sabine Fine Art

Painting of Jersey Shore by Elizabeth SabineElizabeth Sabine loves everything about painting. From experimenting with new colors and mixing hues to starting something new, she considers being a professional painter a blessing. Whether she’s creating artwork for a client’s home or speaking with supporters, her art brings joy to those around her; which in turn motivates her to keep creating.

Sabine has been professionally painting for five years. (In addition to a lifetime of sketching, drawing and painting). Mostly self taught, she constantly improves her skills by painting every day in her home studio.

Sabine’s artwork features coastal hues consisting of seascape, landscape and florals. Her work transports viewers to places they’ll love to visit, such as her home town of Barnegat. To learn more about Elizabeth Sabine, visit her website, follow her on Instagram or call 732-606-3317.

Spring Whitaker of Spring Whitaker Studio

Painting Hanging in Bedroom by Spring WhitakerFor Spring Whitaker, painting is a passion; one she found at the early age of 14. Whitaker loves bright colors and animals, painting artwork that brings a smile to both her and her customers.

Although she is now a successful painter, this wasn’t always the case. In her early 20s, she tried to paint what other people might like and “failed miserably,” as she puts it. After a few years of losing interest, a personal loss, and severe depression, Whitaker began painting again in March 2016. However, this time she painted for herself. By June 2016, she had an offer to publish.

Using acrylics on canvas, her art features mainly animals. In fact, she licenses a large portion of her art to companies for use on all different types of merchandise. Meanwhile, she creates artwork for her studio/gallery space in Pt. Pleasant. She is also opening a brick and mortar shop in May 2019.

You can find Whitaker’s public studio at 725 Arnold Avenue, Pt. Pleasant. Additionally, her work is available online and in stores like World Market, Kohls and TJ Maxx. Of course, you can also follow her on Instagram.

Alison Junda of Alison Junda Paintings LLC

Art Studio of Alison JundaAlison Junda frequently visits NJ beaches for inspiration. She takes photos for reference before painting the seascape she envisions in her home studio. Junda works mainly in acrylics, on canvas and wood panel as well as watercolors on paper. While she has years of painting experience, her business is only two years old.

Junda’s love of painting stems from her enjoyment of being creative and people’s responses to what she creates. She began painting in high school before graduating college with a BS in Interior Design; Junda says the latter helps hone her unique style and visualize how paintings will look in a client’s home.

You can see more paintings from Alison Junda on her website. She is also on Instagram. Finally, her work is available locally at Serena & Lily in Summit, Salt Design in Fair Haven, and Noon Designs in Bay Head.

To see more of the best artists in New Jersey, visit I HeART New Jersey: The Complete Series.

Hero (Top) Feature Image: Provided by Alison Junda
Additional Images (in Order) Courtesy:
Elizabeth Sabine / Elizabeth Sabine Fine Art
Spring Whitaker / Spring Whitaker Studio
Alison Junda / Alison Junda Paintings LLC

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