Dr. Frederick Coville (Cornerstone Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Coville Location Details
Address: Locations in both Linwood and Tom’s River
Website: https://www.cornerstoneplasticsurgery.com
Phone Number: 609-910-4545
Hours of Operation: Hours vary. Call to schedule a consultation today!

Looking for world-class cosmetic surgery? Then head to Cornerstone Plastic Surgery and meet owner and director, Dr. Frederick Coville. A reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Coville originally spent time working overseas; in fact, his surgery skills have been put to use in London and the Caribbean. However, he is now running offices to serve the men and women of New Jersey.

Meet Dr. Frederick Coville and the Cornerstone Plastic Surgery Team

Cornerstone Plastic Surgery practices the very best patient care. In fact, Dr. Frederick Coville has a friendly, winning personality and a clever wit; not to mention a vast treasury of knowledge about surgical options, non-surgical procedures and other treatments that can help. Meanwhile, he believes in realistic, natural results and in a holistic approach to wellness. With this in mind, he can address many of the signs of aging through lifts, fillers, and other procedures. He encourages each patient to strive for excellent health, which is vital to looking and feeling beautiful.
Dr. Frederick Coville, Plastic Surgeon at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery
Dr. Frederick Coville and his team at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery never want to rush or pressure you. However, you can rest easy knowing they are happy to welcome you and answer any questions you have. Dr. Coville has a knack for explaining complex surgical topics in simple terms; because of this, he is actually a favorite on the lecture circuit.

Dr. Frederick Coville can reconstruct, fix or augment nipples or breasts, or do a breast lift. He offers a signature Jersey Shore Butt Lift, as well as various options for tummy tucks, body sculpting and more. In addition, whole or partial face lifts, laser hair removal, scar revisions, and breast implants are all available. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery, each procedure is made to match the patient’s unique situation.

To request a consultation, just call 609-910-4545 to chat with one Dr. Coville’s capable staff members. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery, you’ll receive high-quality service, clear information, top-notch medical care, and complete confidentiality.

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