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Family Magazine Helps Find Fun Day-Trips in NJ

As we venture closer toward the warmer summer months when children are out of school, parents around the state are looking for new, exciting destinations to bring their children. Whether you’re looking for a lengthy vacation or simple, fun day-trips, the Garden State is overflowing with fun and engaging attractions for all ages.

Though New Jersey is filled with such enjoyable destinations, some families may have a hard time finding places to visit throughout the year; to combat this, New Jersey Family Magazine has made it easier to find the state’s top attractions.

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New Jersey Family Helps Families Find Fun Things to Do

The magazine provides parents and New Jersey citizens alike with a wide range of fun day-trips for families, couples, and friends. Liz Zack, Editorial Director of New Jersey Family Magazine, sat down with Joanna Gagis to talk about some of the best theme parks, zoos, and more in the tri-state area.

Of course, to learn more about these fantastic family attractions, visit the New Jersey Family website.

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