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Best Places to Play Paintball & Airsoft in NJ

The latest update for The Best Places to Play Paintball & Airsoft in NJ is written by Lindsay Podolak.

By now you have probably heard of paintball, but do you know about airsoft? Airsoft is similar to paintball, but uses small plastic balls instead of paint. New Jersey is home to an array of both paintball and airsoft facilities catering to any age and skill level. It doesn’t matter how big or strong you are–these games are really about teamwork and strategy.

Here, you’ll find our recommendations for the best places to play paintball and airsoft in the state.

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North Jersey

paintball player crouching

Battle Creek Paintball

Location: 625 Macopin Road, West Milford
Details: Battle it out in the 15 acres of woodlands, hills, paths and fields that make up Battle Creek Paintball. It’s the perfect venue to plan a party, corporate event or teambuilding experience. Check the website for tournament dates or more information about night paintball games, held outdoors in the junkyard field.
Why I like it: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Indoor Airsoft NJ

Location: 154 State Street, Hackensack
Details: Here you will find both paintball and airsoft in a spacious indoor facility. Blacklights, strobe lights, fog machines and lasers are used to enhance the experience. Also on the premises is a dining area and dance club, which is perfect for a birthday party.
Why I like it: Indoor Airsoft NJ is geared towards the beginner crowd, so if you want an experience that isn’t overwhelming or difficult, this is the place to check out.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Central Jersey

paintball player crouching in woods

Hardcore Paintball

Location: 2 Commerce Drive, Bound Brook
Details: Don’t worry about checking the weather forecast. You’re in luck rain or shine as Hardcore is an indoor arena. They offer Reball, which uses rubber balls that shoot and feel like regular paintballs. Reballs are cheaper because ammunition is unlimited and cleaner since no mess is involved.
Why I like it: Since weather’s not a factor, Hardcore is the perfect place to have a birthday party. Packages start at $600 for up to 10 players.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Shooters Paintball & Airsoft

Location: 940 Croton Road, Flemington
Details: When you go to Shooters, you are benefitting from the expertise that comes with over 20 years in the business. Both paintball and airsoft are played here, with the option of joining open events or scheduling your own.
Why I like it: Also offered is speedball, a team for competitive paintball players.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Jersey Shore

inflatable paintball course

Gear-Up Paintball

Location: 240 S. White Horse Pike, Hammonton
Details: Gear-Up offers multiple field options–try the target field, where you can check and adjust your equipment to ensure it’s working properly. The traditional woodsball field offers multiple bunkers, trees, forts and more. Or try the marsh field, where you’re part of the Navy Seals and need to fight through thick marsh to advance your team to safety.
Why I like it: If you frequent Gear-Up a lot, you might be interested in the yearly pass for just $149.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Soft Air NJ

Location: 750 Whiting-New Egypt Road, Manchester Township
Details: Soft Air NJ is only open on specific dates, so be sure to check the schedule before showing up. Or, book a private event for your group at “New Jersey’s premier airsoft field.”
Why I like it: If you need to buy gear, Soft Air also has a shop at a second location in Woodbury.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

TopGun Paintball

Location: 567 Monmouth Road, Cream Ridge
Details: At “The Disneyland of Paintball,” players battle it out on 130 acres full of forests, lakes, streams and open fields. The Lego field has colorful bricks designed to make you feel like you’re in Legoland. In the Alamo field, you can invade enemy territory and hide behind bunkers.
Why I like it: TopGun Paintball is located in central New Jersey, making it a great spot to gather your friends from all over the state.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

South Jersey

wooden tower for paintball course

Accurate Paintball

Location: 300 Dahlia Avenue, Williamstown
Details: Beginners are welcome at this family-friendly location. They offer games especially for children under 12 with little paintball experience. They even have special referees that play on the teams and offer instruction during the game. Walk-on players are also welcome every Saturday and Sunday, so no need to reserve your spot in advance. To play during the week, call to make a reservation first.
Why I like it: Kids interested in learning the ropes can sign up for the Young Guns program, an all-day basics course for just $30.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

On Target Action Park

Location: 35 Sheep Pen Hill Road, Pemberton
Details: You’ll find over a dozen diverse playing fields here. There’s something suitable for every skill level, whether you’re a Rec-ball Player or a Speedball Player. Never played the game before? On Target offers a comfortable environment to nurture your paintball prowess. New to the facility is Airsoft for just $25 admission.
Why I like it: Themed events like “Living Dead 6,” where zombies have taken over and you must fight for survival, are not to be missed by serious paintballers. Check the website for a complete schedule.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

Picasso Lake Paintball

Location: 64 Norcross Road, Winslow Township
Details: Picasso Lake boasts over 110 acres of wooded fields for paintball fun. Here you’ll experience true woodsball on multiple fields, with different options to suit every player. Special events are scheduled on various dates throughout the year–check their website for the latest details.
Why I like it: Not every paintball facility boasts a sparkling lake as part of the backdrop, but this one does!
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

QuickShot Paintball & Airsoft

Location: 1231 Route 206, Shamong
Details: Two types of fields are available for paintball play that’s clean, safe and fun. The speedball field is regulation size and efforts are made to make the grass perfect. The seven woodsball fields can handle all your recreational needs–they were recently cleaned and redone with new huts, blockades and barriers. As for Airsoft, open play is every Sunday and you’ll find all the supplies you need in the pro shop.
Why I like it: Pay a yearly membership fee to join the Players Club and you’ll receive discounts on admission, paintballs and other products.
More info: Visit the website or you can give them a call.

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