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New Grant Allows NJIT to Improve NJ Health Care

Even if you spend every day working out, eating your vegetables and taking your vitamins, you may still one day need the assistance of a caring and knowledgeable health care physician. Because of this reality, American professionals strive to deliver the best quality health care to the countless citizens who are in need of such resources.

Recently, the government gave grants to various institutions and organizations in order to improve their state of being. NJIT’s New Jersey Innovation Institute was one such facility offered a government grant, which they are using to improve the quality and efficiency of health care in the Garden State.

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Tomas Gregorio, Senior Executive Director at NJIT’s New Jersey Innovation Institute, sat down during a segment of One-on-One with Steve Adubato to discuss the ways the organization is using that $49.6 million effectively.

The grant provides the institute with the opportunity to advance health care technology and improve their physician’s capabilities; helping them achieve “precision medicine” in order to provide New Jersey’s patients with the best possible care.

The government’s grant also changes how physicians earn money, in an attempt to improve patient care. If physicians do not decrease the rate of re-admissions, among other standards, the government can provide less reimbursement. These new standards are in place to improve the quality of health care in New Jersey.

Want to learn more about how the New Jersey Innovation Institute is using their resources to improve patient care? Then check out this segment of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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