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Catching Mental Illness in Children Early is Key

Every parent wants the best for their child and is willing to do just about anything to provide them with the best education and care possible. In most cases, this is easier said than done. But for parents who have children with mental health issues or mental illness, the situation can become exponentially more difficult.

America – as well as many other parts of the world – is now able to provide those with mental health disabilities a variety of special treatments tailored to each individual.

However, we now know what is key in helping these children more efficiently is catching the problem early; which allows medical staff to issue treatment early on in their lives.

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Why Catching Mental Illness Early Matters

Richard Hlavacek, Chairperson of the Child and Family Advocacy Committee of the Mental Health Association in New Jersey – and Executive Director of Families and Community Together – sat down for an episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis to share the importance of early screenings and treatments for children dealing with mental health issues.

Talking about how parents often struggle with understanding mental health problems, Hlavacek explains; “I think the complexities around kids are difficult in particular. I think when you’re talking about very young kids, parents are often unsure about developmental issues. They see a child who is maybe interacting very aggressively with peers and wonder if that’s normal or not…”

Hlavacek goes on to describe how children often face different issues at different ages, and how parents may want to consult professionals such as pediatricians and school officials if they notice problems in their child’s behavior.

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