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Andy Anderson Talks Creating Safer Roads for Teens

No parent ever wants any harm to befall their child. With car accidents being the number one killer of teens across the United States, parents and government officials have worked hard to remedy this epidemic to create a safer world for every teen driver. That’s where NJ-native Andy Anderson comes in.

Anderson, leader of the New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition and retired detective of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office with the Vehicular Homicide Unit, sat down during an episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato to talk about how the organization is working to keep teenagers safe while driving on the state’s busy roads and highways.

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Andy Anderson on How to Create Safe Driving Conditions for Teens

This video was made possible thanks to NJM Auto Insurance.
This video was made possible thanks to NJM Auto Insurance.

Anderson shared several factors of driving that make the roads unfit and unsafe for many teen drivers, including distracted driving.

“We’ve been driving distracted well before there were cell phones,” Anderson says. “It’s not about what’s in your hand—it’s where your head’s at.”

Anderson explains that children develop their driving habits and tendencies from what they’ve experienced in the car with their parents. Meanwhile, parents should teach kids proper driving tips so they’re ready when it is their turn behind the wheel.

To learn more about how we can keep the roads safe for our children, check out Andy Anderson on this edition of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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