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The Atlantic House Fuses English and American Flair

Atlantic Highlands has a new house on the block. The Atlantic House is now open after renovating the space that previously housed Memphis Pig Out. This two-story space is just a few blocks from the waterfront. Under the direction of co-owner Rich Crocker, Atlantic House aims to be a go-to spot for locals.

Crocker is also a partner at Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten in Asbury Park and Jersey City’s Hudson Hall. But Atlantic House is special in that it is truly a family business; the other co-owners include Marilyn (his mother), Kathryn Lange (his sister) and Cherie (his wife).

Atlantic House Interior

In order to evoke the proper vibe, Crocker chose a spot where they could get foot traffic. Of course, the means finding somewhere that isn’t right on the highway. “We found a great spot that’s pretty local to where we all live,” says Croker, who lives in Middletown.

The Atlantic House holds 75 downstairs and 50 upstairs on the rooftop lounge, where it can seat 20 at the bar. “Families sit downstairs and get a meal,” says Crocker. “The upstairs is more laid back and open air.” The old building was completely gutted. The upstairs has sliding window panels, so you can feel the fresh air and get a beachy feel. The also put additional windows along the side of the building to make the inside bright and visible. Exposed beams are on the main level. “We kept the integrity of the building,” says Crocker. “For the local community, we knew that was important. You can’t get a look like that anymore.”

More About The Menu

Atlantic House sources local and organic foods as much as possible. Poultry is hormone and antibiotic-free; all beef is grass fed and all eggs are cage free. The Crockers say they want this to be a place where you can come for drinks before or after dinner. However, one thing that sets them apart is their American-European fusion menu. “My family and I are originally from England so the food has an English flare,” Crocker explains.

Raw bar menu items include clams, oysters, and shrimp cocktail; then there are plates for the table like mussels, fried chicken wings, or cast-iron steak bites. Small plates such as soft pretzel sticks or fish tacos are also available. As for main courses, options range from fish and chips to burgers and fries, to coq au vin (organic chicken thighs).

Bar Area

Meanwhile, the bar has 10 beers on tap. For example, you’ll find staples like Miller Lite, Stella Artois and Corona. But on top of that, they serve beers from local breweries like Carton Brewing, Belford Brewing Company, Wet Ticket Brewing, and Last Wave Brewing Company. “Craft beers will rotate for those regular beer drinkers so they have something different,” Crocker says. Cocktails will also rotate seasonally. (The mango margarita is a current favorite.)

You can find the Atlantic House on 67 1st Avenue in Atlantic Highlands. For more info, visit their website or call 848-388-2408.

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